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GPS interference caused the FAA to reroute Texas air traffic. Experts stumped

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the cause of mysterious GPS interference that, over the past few days, has closed one runway at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and prompted some aircraft in the region to be rerouted to areas where signals were working properly. ( More...

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bentwing60 27
For those in the know, a RAIM alert is not exactly a show stopper in flight, but for those not in the know it turns your mega buck nav. boxes into the equivalent of fishing lures instantly! I have experienced the event twice, in CL60's, both in the final approach phase of flight and in IFR or low IFR weather. Don't forget to brush up on the missed approach procedure, cause' the "startle effect" comes into play as quickly as the no nav. flag on your HSI.

Just a nudge for the recently anointed captains (all pilots) to read up on RAIM alerts and what it really means when it happens to you at a very inopportune time.
matt jensen -6
Has HAARP come to the lower 48?
srobak 1
Long time ago.
Mike Monk 19
That was only interference, what will happen in the event of a total GPS failure?
Getting rid of VORs, NDBs and ILSs will possibly prove to be a big mistake.
bentwing60 13
It has been much discussed in the background as the FAA has worked diligently to ditch the maintenance costs for these old but reliable resources! The ILS being the only one not on the chopping block due to the total failure of the proposed MLS replacement.
Rosomak 6
Only some (about 30%) of VOR’s are planned to be decommissioned - the under utilized/redundant ones. That leaves almost 600 of them remaining. VOR’s as a whole aren’t going anywhere. They’re fully aware an independent ground based system is an operational necessity.
dand 2
That is why 121 requires dme dme and ils as minimum avionics...
Rosomak -2
Only some (about 30%) of VOR’s are planned to be decommissioned - the under utilized/redundant ones. That leaves almost 600 of them remaining. VOR’s as a whole aren’t going anywhere. They’re fully aware an independent ground based system is an operational necessity
Joe Keifer 5
I wonder if GLONASS is reliable over DFW?
B O 3
Don't think it's a good idea to count on anything the Russians are providing.
cparks 4
{Children of the Magenta Line do not approve}
Ken Lane 7
And, this is why we will always have VORs for ground-based navigation. I just hope the FAA is keeping up checks on the VOR-based procedures.

Back in 2007 I pissed off a ton of pilots on a particular page when I made the statement, "Magenta lines kill pilots." Some came after me ready to take my head off. As young as GPS in aviation was and as limited as its use was with very little terminal applications, pilots were still becoming overly dependent upon the technology.

About six months later United Airlines released a training film to the public on YouTube... "Children of the Magenta". This had already been their concern. I wonder how much the carriers are addressing it, today.
Tim Slater 5
I think more importantly is having "GPS-Only" airplanes that have no inertial/AHARS units capable of navigation without outside input. I agree we SHOULD have VOR's, but they are being decommissioned at alarming rates.
Ted Cannaday 4
"And, this is why we will always have VORs for ground-based navigation."

Maybe, but our local airport's VOR instrument approach was unceremoniously decommissioned, leaving only two GPS approaches. The VOR is still there, of course, and will always be, but they couldn't keep the VOR approach working? The FAA said it was underutilized, but it shows their disregard for the concept of a backup system. Kinda like how Loran was dropped just to save a relatively tiny bit of money.
bentwing60 1
Because the local ATC facility was instructed to assign a GPS approach instead of the VOR approach and no one cared. They have to fly and recertify old school approaches, VOR, NDB, (sic), non GPS approaches on a random basis, not so sure that is the case for GPS.
dand 3
We should have ground beacons similar to a stationary gps satellite that navigators can ping off of...similar to how the dme dme stuff works.
Bob Denny 2
Ken that was American Airlines Capt. VanderBurgh. A classic that should be aseen by all puppy mill students
Ron Slater 1
I watched that video also and I thought it was AA that did it but wasn't sure. It was excellent
srobak 7
Closed a runway and re-routed traffic? Jesus - how did we even function in the sky before GPS? So sad. #getbacktobasics
Bob Denny 4
I’ve seen multiple NOTAMs for planned GPS outages for “tests”. I assume there was no such NOTAM on this issue. We know that GPS can indeed be jammed. Will FAA Airways & Facilities investigate? Never mind the NTSB bureaucrats. I’d be very interested in the back story on this.
paul tait 2
Is it just the US GPS system or all of them
srobak 1
This was near DFW
Well there was a problem at the amusement park in Cincinnati (kings Island). people riding the roller coaster with the new apple 14 iphones. the iphones sense jarring and thier phones were calling 911 while riding the roller coaster. Maybe there is a connection with the new phones. just a thought.

Eugene Senter
dand 1
I wish I could LOL...
Michael Dealey 1
That's actually really funny.
John Taylor 2
Didn't the Chinese buy up a shitton of land in Texas a while back? I wonder what kinds of fun stuff they've been tinkering with to foul up US operations...
joe nelsen 1
Mr smith, you got it correct. no test, just proof! watch outside ! internet near dfw was not working correctly either. I reside 50 mi north of dfw.
Bill Ervin 1
Rumor has it that some truck drivers out there have GPS jammers that mess with their company tracking systems. Very low powered, but you don't need much power to mess up a GPS sat downlink
Karl Smith -1
A Putin test drive perhaps?


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