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Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency to inspect 599 Boeing and Airbus aircraft by year-end

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency plans to conduct inspections of 599 Boeing and Airbus aircraft by the end of December this year, the regulator's press service reported. ( More...

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patrick baker 17
i for one would not be satisfied with the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency's seal of approval on any of the 599 stolen boeing and airbus planes. Sadly, it will take a maintenence crash with fatalities to ground the balance of the 599 planes, and that possiblity seems more likely. Westerners can protect themselves by not getting on any of those pilfered planes ever.
Torsten Hoff 11
I would put money on any crashes resulting from failure to properly maintain those aircraft will be blamed on pilot error.
jacques astre 1
Or faulty inspections. 599 aircraft inspected by years end? Really? These guys are only familiar with their cast iron clunkers!
jacques astre 2
599 aircraft inspected by year’s end? That’s 14 inspections per day including weekends. That’s assuming their inspectors even show up for work. Wow!
We all know that this agency has probably been instructed by The Supreme Leader to rubber stamp all inspections and declare the fleet airworthy. When they start dropping like flies, instead of saying shoddy maintenance and substandard parts are causing crashes, they will probably go 50-50 on pilot error and sabotage. It's too bad the Russian people probably don't know the truth, or those planes would be empty of passengers.
Rick Welsh 3
Good lucks with procuring any parts required!!
Torsten Hoff 2
The Russians government has given approval for making knockoff versions of Western parts to keep their aircraft operating. The moment one of them is installed, the aircraft lose their airworthiness certificate and would be illegal to operate just about anywhere except Russia.

Even if the Russians had detailed specifications for every part they try to make, how good do you think the copies will be? It’s a disaster waiting to happen.
jacques astre 1
Guaranteed not as good as their vodka. Who are they kidding? Not us.
Matt West 1
Precisely. What’s the point in conducting inspections of you can’t get any parts to repair what you find?
Matt West 1
Precisely. What’s the point in conducting inspections if you can’t get any parts to repair what you find?
Laughable, how will they stay sober long enough to inspect anything. Imagine the quality of their checklists and inspection criteria. We can expect these aircraft to go splat and become banned from European and other advanced countries airspace. If they "fail" an arcraft and cannot buy parts, they will have to rob other working aircraft for the parts thereby continually reducing their fleet size.
I’ve read this article three times. I’m simply unable to comprehend the final paragraph. Who’s saying what?


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