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Swiss Startup Jekta Unveils Its All-Electric Seaplane

Startup company Jekta Aviation has unveiled the PHA-ZE 100, its new all-electric 19-seater seaplane. The plane will offer zero emissions and can be fully recharged in just 45 minutes. Let's take a closer look below. Introducing the PHA-ZE 100 The Swiss startup revealed details of its new seaplane at the Abu Dhabi Air Expo this month. The PHA-ZE 100, which stands for Passenger Hydro Aircraft Zero Emissions, will offer a range of up to 94 miles (150 km) and a cruising speed of 135 knots (250… ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 2
That would be a good fit for Harbor Air, which has expressed an interest in going electric.
jeff creek 1
WOW, linbb has not made a negative comment yet, DUH, is has the word electric in the article!


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