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AirTran & TSA -- Woman boards flight with someone else's month old boarding pass

(WMC-TV) - After a woman boarded a plane with a boarding pass in a man's name with a date for a flight last month, the Transportation Security Administration is responding. Kathleen Beard's name isn't similar to the one on the boarding pass she handed a TSA officer. The name on the boarding pass was Edward Lawrence Stukenborg, the flight date, March 17. But security waved Beard through. ( 기타...

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thats not cool...
Great Job TSA agent that your only job is to confirm the name on the ticket and government issued I.D. before you go through security lines, that is your ONLY job.
By chance, does anyone know what TSAs job is? Anyone at all, Anyone have a guess? No?? Bueller? Bueller??
TSA doesn't have to apologize or answer questions as to how this happened because they are a government agency and are subject to cover-ups like its other brother and sister government agency.

And, the fact the TSA agents will one be Union, it will be impossible to fire one for this severe lapse of security.
TTail 0
TSA is ready to grope little kids who are on vacation w/thier mom and dad, but will let a month old boarding pass in a MANS name on through?? THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE. RUFKM??
If you fail the Post Office test because you can't read you get on with TSA?
How difficult could it be??
I cant blame them for the name, i mean nowadays guys with girl names and girls with guy names are becoming more frequent. Like Stacey
Would any of us want to sit there and get paid 17k? They need to install bar code readers for tickets which would have solved this problem, and could easily solve name matching for terrorists etc. Japan and to a limited extent Canada does this.
get the gubiment out of our lives! obumma!
Security theatre.
Every time I've been through, TSA checks my name against my drivers license, checks the date of the ticket, and even the departing city. I've watched them mark every one of those items with a highlighter. This dope needs to get fired immediately. But I also put some blame on the gate agent for AirTran. The woman should never have been allowed on the plane. Those people, Mr. Swiss, DO have barcode readers. It should've set of an alarm as soon as it scanned the boarding pass. I understand they went and got her off the plane, but, IMHO, that's too late.
I agree with Mr. Bryant. Sadly, it takes serious mistakes to initiate logical changes, in all professions.
It's not the first time it happened, i have seen it happen a couple times in lax t2.


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