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The massive mistake made in Netflix's new MH370 documentary

It’s a three-part documentary looking at the different potential causes of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in 2014. ( More...

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Mike Mohle 2
At least they did not show a Piper Cub or Learjet!
Torsten Hoff 2
Come on, everyone knows *ALL* aircraft are "small Cessnas".
linbb 3
The subject is DOA on here no one cares anymore about it as there is NOTHING to be gained by beating it into the ground. TV just did it for ratings and you fell for it there facts ever are often wrong also on crashes.

Charlie Roberts 1
Well....that's it.....eveerything about the series is now ruined for me....

{{{{sarcasm, folks..... sarcasm}}}}}
Richard Woollams 1
Leaving aside the use of the wrong aircraft type, the documentary was terrible. They spend the whole second episode on a theory that made sense only to one demented journalist and the third to an even more demented theory by an even more demented journalist. It's as if Qanon produced it.


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