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FAA Proposes Rule To Remove Instructor Certificate Expiration Date

The FAA has proposed a rule that would remove the 24-month expiration date on flight instructor certificates and instead establish 24-month recent experience requirements. ( More...

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Semantics. It will no longer expire, yet you still have to renew it - with a new 3 month grace period - or retest. You can effectively say they can still expire, they are just saving plastic. At least they are adding WINGS as a method of renewal. Or you can still do a FIRC or the other traditional methods.

I’m a believer, based on past experiences, that with the FAA, if they mess with the rules, it’s going to get more complicated, restrictive, subjective and harder to navigate.

My vote, much like the PTS, is to leave it alone but, the ball is rolling so no such luck.
Tim Smith 3
Agree, Great Idea!
Mike Mohle 4
Yes agreed. I let mine lapse due to the "hassle of have to re-up every 2 years whether I had students and checkrides or not.
John Prukop 3
And while they're at it, let's DITCH the biometric enhanced driver's licenses for Big Brother surveillance. LESS GOVERNMENT IS BETTER!
john baugh 7
This is a great idea.

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James Cox 10
You DO know pilot certificates have no expiration date right?
John Taylor 5
The same with A&P Mechanic certificates.
Jasper Buck 5
And the same as the Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate and Flight Engineer Certificate.

In fact of all my certificates (6) only the CFI expires. I think the FAA is on the right track.
Jasper Buck 6
How do you know that the CFI has a current and valid airman certificate? How about his/her airman medical certificate? Recency of experience? If you're concerned ask the CFI to show you his/her logbook and ask to see proof of recency of experience. Requiring an expiration date on a flight instructor certificate is burdensome, costly, and provides no safety benefits. I do have some experience in the certification and renewals (and reinstatements) of CFIs and their certificates and have champion the removing of expiration dtates since the first time it wa proposed in 2007. .


J Buck
FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (Ret.)
A&P Mech
Acft Dispatcher
In Arizona, drivers licenses expire when you turn age 65. So, if you are age 20 when you get them, you have 45 years before they expire. They do have the right to road test or written test the driver at anytime if it is warranted. So, your example does not apply. Or, at least in Arizona's case, more closely supports this FAA proposal.

The FAA doing this is no different than pilot licenses. (mine has my date of birth and date of issue, no other dates) One has to be current to exercise flight privileges. Someone, as a passenger, has no way to verify this. The pilot documents this in their log book, which is a legal document.
Peter McGrath 2
So, what happens when your license expires at 65? How do you renew it?
Frosty1025 1
Sorry for double post. Had misspelled “does” with “dies”. No way to delete comment once it is gone. If there is, please let me know.
Frosty1025 -7
This is really a bad idea. Imagine taking expiration date from drivers licenses. How can one verify the holder does not have an expired license. Same with a flight instructor. How am I going to verify the instruction I will be receiving is going to be legal if the instructors license is expired.


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