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Collapsed rail bridge causes logistical puzzle to maintain 737 MAX production

Boeing has been forced to look for a solution to continue receiving 737 MAX and P-8 Poseidon fuselages at its factories in Washington after a rail bridge collapsed. The fuselages are transported via rail between Spirit AeroSystems, which manufactures the ‘pickles’, in Wichita, Kansas, and Renton, Washington. However, a key rail bridge over the Yellowstone River collapsed on June 24, 2023, when a train carrying asphalt fell into the river. ( More...

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Chris B 2
Whatever happened to bridge inspections?????
paul trubits 2
The bridges are inspected and a significant number are failing.
Sean Awning 2
James Driskell 1
Huh? That line isn't the only way to get stuff from Wichita to Renton. Sounds like someone has a bad case of octal rectitus.
Sean Awning 1
Nice photo of a pickle being lifted

Vaughn Blue Jr 1
Have to call on heavy air transports.
linbb -4
Wow thought it was a huge problem and had no work around.


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