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Video: Vehicle Fire Causes Damage to Air Canada B777 at Montreal Airport

A fire incident occurred at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport on July 9, involving an Air Canada Boeing 777-300. The incident took place on the airport tarmac, prompting the response of Montreal firefighters. ( More...

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jbermo 5
Yikes! Several square feet of its fuselage skin appears to be severely blistered. . . and with structure underneath.
Peter Fuller 6
That’s not gonna buff right out
The Boeing repair team did a great job at las Vegas in 2015, after an uncontained GE-90 failure on British Airways flight 2276.

Coincidentally, I flew on G-VIIO (the "Las Vegas" airframe) from Tampa FL home to London in March of this year.

Now, if the airframe had been a plastic B787.....
John Brooks 2
The fire crew did a great job and got it out real fast. the outer skin will have to be replaced.
Bill Thompson 1
Boeing AOG team is no doubt busy with this. Those chem milled lightening pockets in the skins are only .030 to .060 thick so not surprised that they popped a wrinkle in there...
I noticed in some earlier pictures that there was a Transat plane parked next to the triple 7. I guess they thought it wasn't serious enough to tug it away from there.
Probably out of fuel?
The vehicle fire was on a water truck, and depending on the severity of the fire, heat could have affected the skin of the transat plane as well.

darjr26 1
Thank goodness it was a water truck and not the Lav truck.
Nah, not a lot of methane...
Boris Biggins 0
Water truck driver to passenger, “Have you seen my doobie?”
houseofgold -7
Article is full of pop up commercials and fared to read on tablet 👎


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