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Court says British Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash victims were ‘unlawfully killed’

Three British passengers who were aboard the Boeing 737 MAX 8 Ethiopian Airlines plane when it crashed in 2019 were “unlawfully killed,” a UK coroner has ruled. Sam Pegram, Oliver Vick and Joanna Toole were all travelling on the aircraft from Addis Ababa to Kenya when the plane went down just six minutes after take-off on March 10, 2019. ( More...

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avionik99 -1
So the coroner has decided this was an "Unlawful Killing" vs what a "Lawful" aircraft crash killing?
jbermo 1
An "act of god"
C J 1
ooooof....very cringey to post a comment like this when it's clear you didn't even bother to do a Google search for the term. Different countries have different legal systems, and thus different terminology. So sorry that they didn't translate this to 'Murican for you.
avionik99 0
It was sarcasm aimed at the most ridiculous wording our court systems use. Next time I will be sure to dumb down my replies so that a much lower level of intelligence so that people like you may be able to understand.
C J 0
lol Ok, champ. Solid attempt at a recovery. By the way, does "our court systems" apply if your profile states that you live in the US and this happened in the UK?
avionik99 1
Ours. Inclusive, yours and mine.
C J 0
Why don't you lay your head down for a while.


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