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Zuckerberg Obtains Student Pilot Certificate

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is apparently on the long list of high achievers who’s decided the next challenge will be getting a pilot certificate. According to Insider, the social media magnate has successfully obtained his student pilot certificate. We couldn’t verify the Facebook founder is on the FAA registry because it’s closed for maintenance all weekend. It’s not clear if he’s actively training or what his goal is for the effort. There is plenty of speculation, however, that it might be… ( More...

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jbermo 4
A big problem if his wallet outclimes the required time commitments with which to hone proficiency.
Isn’t the requirement for a student pilot certificate a pulse?
Mike Mohle 1
I wonder what aircraft he is training in. Can't really picture him out there bouncing around in a 172 or Warrior.....
srobak 1
I'd guess a DA-20
srobak 1
Just re-checked the registry, and he is indeed listed on his student ticket, as of 3/23 of this year.
linbb -1
So what?


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