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Korean Air Introduces Passenger Weight Measurement to Reduce Fuel Costs

In a proactive move to enhance aviation safety and optimize fuel efficiency, South Korean carrier Korean Air has announced plans to measure passengers’ body weights. The initiative aims to provide accurate data for aircraft weight distribution and reduce excess fuel consumption. ( More...

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jeff slack 5
About time.
US Airlines need to follow suit.
Alan Winn 4
Just like during the dawn of air travel, all passengers on Ford Tri-Motor, DC-2, DC-3, Boeing 247 had to do the same!
sparkie624 1
They all need to follow suit!
sparkie624 3
Every Airport/Airline Would do that... Gives for better weight and balance... Better yet... Have your seat assigned accordingly to where the POS is located over the wing, and keep the light weights to the front and Aft. Easier to fly when in Weight and Balance... Put them All Front and the plane has to trim a lot nose up and the opposite if they are in the tail. Working on Dash 8's a number of years ago, had a TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) going to a convention. I was working the line that morning. Got a call from the Captain stating he need 3 more Seat Belt Extensions. I told him I did the check and his plane had all it was supposed to... He said "You don't Understand, I need 3 More!" We got them for him. I noted both main struts were totally collapsed. On take off the plane could barely climb! I thing Weighing is a Great Idea and should be required by the FAA. Document the Weight in that seat and the Computer gives better weight and balance information for the crew, making things safer!
sharon bias 1
Don't know if we can ever get as far as assigning seats based on weight, but putting a scale on the jetway floor that transmits weight data to the plane would be helpful and anonymous
jbermo 1
Why not have a simple truck-type scale embedded in the ramp under each wheel pad for an accurate cross-check?
sparkie624 2
To do that, the plane would have to be leveled every time... When we do weight measurements on the plane, we actually have to level the plane to do it. That would not work that well in the field or out doors with wind or even a breeze!
sparkie624 1
Now I like that idea, another way would have a scale at check in to get your seat. Have it imbedded in the floor... then the computer can do the same thing and no one knows the difference... Not even the gate agent.
Jim Quinn 2
Sounds like the right idea..
ksmith610 1
Well, you’ll need a real scale hidden in various floor spaces for creatures like the mendacious Mango Mussolini: 6’ 3” (ha!) and 215 (ROFL)? Americans are just getting fatter. Making them pay a premium seems reasonable.
jbermo 1
It used to be that passengers were assigned 160 lbs each as a Summer weight and 175 lbs each for winter - when IATA passenger weights were established during the 50's . . . I'm told that many years later, these weights still AVERAGE out with reasonable accuracy.
sparkie624 1
I would like to see the proof on "Reasonable Accuracy".... I seriously doubt it... 160 lbs is not even close
John moffitt 1
Happened to me on a YAK42 from Dnipro to Kiev in the early 2000's. I thought that might have been an economy measure at the time


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