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JetBlue Accidentally Reveals Documents Showing 40% Price Hikes After Buying Spirit Airlines

JetBlue’s deal to buy Spirit Airlines isn’t just being challenged by the government. There’s a civil suit as well, because why not piggy back on government opposition for a payday? Only JetBlue’s lawyers made an oops in redactions before sending documents over to plaintiffs lawyers – and as a result exposed “internal company estimates of plans to hike fares on Spirit planes by as much as 40%.” And this could make JetBlue’s defense of the deal against government anti-trust charges that much… ( More...

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Guy Rovella 14
EVERY time the told us "The merger will be good for the consumer" they lied.
Every single time.
jmilleratp 4
JetBlue only wanted to merge with Spirit to stop Frontier from merging with Spirit. That's the only reason.
Scott Alperin 6
Surprise Surprise !!
Jim Newton 6
JB got caught with their hands in the $$$ jar. Good for the flying public in the end.
wjm100 3
US AIR = Unfortunately Still Allegheny In Reality
sparkie624 2
There is a lot truth in that... We used to call them "Useless Air"
Peter Fuller 1
I recall from 50 or so years back, when living in upstate NY, hearing Allegheny referred to as “Allegedly”, meaning “Allegedly an Airline”, and also as “Agony Airlines”. Also recall that, before Allegheny acquired them, Mohawk being called “Slohawk”.
sparkie624 1
I remember those day... I used to work for Piedmont Airlines Decades ago... I think they were the best airline of all times in my opinion... They had the Best maintenance, Excellent Pilots, and great Flight Attendants, and the airline actually took care of us. The President of the company at Thanks Giving would give us a Gift Certificate for a Turkey and we go the Grocery Storm and get a Turkey... Any Size, and Price. During Christmas, the President during the month of December would travel to each and every base, meet each and every employee and give them a Crisp $100 bill! (Did not go to our W2's either)... They were the Best of the Best... I remember Agony Air as well, even though I never worked on there planes until "Useless Air" took over! Then all the good stuff went out the door.
sparkie624 3
I have never seen a good Merger.. I remember US Air taking over Piedmont.... It was a disaster and everyone at Piedmont lost big time... Even for those Retired, USAir tried to take our Retirements and the Judge would not allow it... USAir is the lowest airline flying... Even below Southwest in my book and it does not get much lower than that!
Marty Martino 2
Didn’t USLessAir (as my father, a retired civilian facility chief at Andrews) assimilate American and come out of it as “American Airlines”?
Peter Fuller 2
Yes, but before that, America West assimilated USAirways, and the resulting combination, run by America West management, did business as USAirways.

Both the original USAirways and American were in bankruptcy when they were acquired.

There’s a sordid history since deregulation of airline executives using bankruptcy proceedings to try to void union contracts and to stiff pensioners and future pensioners.
Tom Bruce 3
bringing Spirits prices up to Jet Blue level? not surprising... still have Frontier and others that cram 180 seats in a 320...
J Songin 3
Meanwhile Spirit is fighting lawsuits over their endless junk fees on their “misleading” basic fares
Trickle down economics has NEVER worked. What makes them think it would in this industry?
Roger Curtiss 2
To quote the JetBlue lawyers, "DOH!"
capitalism at its finest . The right doesn't want government in their business so why not let them do it and do what they want ? Its their company .
jmilleratp 2
Probably the most inexplicable merger idea in airline history.
flynryan 4
This isn't anticompetitive, and is only news if you live under a rock. Obviously jetBlue will remove seats from Spirit aircraft, they operate with two different products. Spirit planes have too many seats for the jetBlue model. Of course, they will raise prices on Spirit aircraft, again they are two different models and Spirit charges less. It might be different if jetBlue was increasing fares system wide and reducing seats on ALL aircraft, but they aren't, what this article explains is to be expected. How dumb can you be?
Tedd Steele 4
Whats the difference between less seats and higher prices vs. more seats and lower prices ??
Seems you would get more baggage fees as well vs less pax's....
But I thought the only business model was the lowest price for flights that usually get there.
Zack Jones 1
Who got paid to push this through?


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