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Boeing jet deliveries drop in August over latest 737 MAX defect

Manufacturing issues stalled Boeing’s deliveries in August, and a spreading engine problem could threaten future delivery delays at rival Airbus. Boeing delivered only 22 of its narrowbody 737 MAXs in August, according to data released Tuesday, after fuselage supplier Spirit AeroSystems discovered the latest MAX manufacturing defect ( More...

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wx1996 1
Engine problem on Airbus A320neo jets could ground hundreds of planes
Greg S 0
MH370, you slimy POS, why don't you wait for a fatality with some very tenuous connection to Boeing and then post that news story per your typical MO. Remember how happy you were when you got to post a story about some poor slob having a psychotic break that ran out onto the runway and was hit by a Boeing jet? They died, you laughed.


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