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NetJets agrees to purchase up to 1,500 jets from Textron Aviation

Textron Aviation announced a record-breaking fleet agreement on Wednesday that enables jet service provider NetJets to purchase up to 1,500 additional Cessna Citation business planes over the next 15 years. ( More...

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bentwing60 8
Took em' long enough to figure out that you can fly a Citation anything for half the all up cost of a geewhiz or Canada bomber and dassault just quietly plays the intellectual market at twice the price! Go Textron!
Duane Mader 4
I love our company’s 2 year old CJ3+. Almost 0 problems @ 500 hours a joy to fly and a rocket ship climb rate. Better than the more expensive much bragged on slightly faster Phenom 3.
bentwing60 1
Arnold Palmer would agree with your assessment of Cessna Citations!

The first Citation X was delivered in July 1996 to golfer and long-time Cessna customer Arnold Palmer. He often flew it himself and was quite accomplished at the another art that was not golf.
sparkie624 6
Wow... that is a lot of planes to purchase.. I am sure they do not have that many on hand, but glad to see Cessna/Textron getting a good order... Helps employment for those who actually want to work.
MrTommy 1
Are there that many qualified pilots waiting around for job opportunities?
stevelindell 3
Having a single type fleet seemed to work out pretty good for Southwest. This has a long list of advantages. The customer gets a clean new aircraft and with most trips under 1500 miles doesn't mind a few less knots. Net Jet bills by the hour so it's no benefit for them to have the fastest, wiz bang, rocket.
21voyageur 2
Let's not kid ourselves, this is a pure business decision based on getting fancy butts in the air at the lowest cost. Don't see too many Porsche cabs.
idgie57 1
Great for NetJets and Textron, not so good for the corporate flight departments. It's already hard enough to get an initial on the Latitude, and this will make it practically impossible unless FlightSafety gets more instructors and sims. Hubs is retiring at the end of the year, and it took almost six months to get a school for his replacement. You have to put your name on a waiting list and pray that somebody else cancels.
Mike Petro 1
The wannabe 1% bosses will have plenty of private rideshare jets to go around for a long time!
1mooneymite 0
Cessna jets are popular with the fractionals because the fractional owners get a lot of bang for their buck. However from my short 16 years flying bizet's, I am not impressed with anything Citation with he possible exception of the X from a pilot's perspective. I hope NetJets will continue buying real jets and not become the reincarnated CitationShares.
Dan Boss 0
Yeah what's the old joke about a Citation? It's a "NearJet".... But can Cessna even produce 8-10 jets a month?

And if you are paying many thousands of dollars per hour to charter a bizjet, you do not want a mere "taxi" like a Honda or Toyota mini van, you want a Bentley or a Mercedes SUV.

Gulfstream is still the real bizjet in my view. Even a decades old GIV is superior to any Cessna.
Ren Babcock 6
I'm a business owner and need to get 3 people 800 miles for a day meeting. What do you think my primary consideration is? How much is it going to cost or whether it is a high performance jet? This is a great move by NetJets.
Duane Mader 3
Yep. 7% faster jet that gets there literally a tenth of an hour faster on that trip. I’ll take dispatch reliability and product support any day.
sparkie624 2
I know what you are saying, but by the same token, that many planes, they will have to have plenty of pilots and right now there is a Pilot Shortage and Airlines are Grabbing up a lot of minimum time crews... Will be a great time builder for one who needs the time and looking at the airlines, but it will be a Revolving door.
Ren Babcock 2
You don't think the regionals aren't a revolving door as well? Look at PSA who is owned by AA. They have a flow program to AA but a lot of the FO's and newly minted captains bolt for someone other than AA because they get in the sacred legacy seniority line faster. So AA trains these guys, gets them quality cockpit time and as soon as they can good bye AA. If the regional guys were grouped with the legacy guys from the get go, it would make a whole lot more sense, but we all know that will never happen.
bentwing60 1
follow the MONEY!


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