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Nepal Airlines Wants To Sell Its Chinese-Made MA60 & Y-12 E Aircraft

Nepal Airlines is looking to sell its Chinese-made aircraft, including two Xian MA60s and three Harbin Y-12 E turboprops, due to frequent mechanical issues and a lack of trained pilots. The airline has already phased out the two MA60s and is now seeking to sell the remaining Chinese-made aircraft at a significantly reduced price of RS 220 million ($2.6 million), considered "scrap value." The airline has issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) to appraise the aircraft and has invited four… ( More...

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bentwing60 12
bought em' cheap, can't keep em' flyin' and can't give em' away. somethin' about the neighborhood?
Randy Brown 12
Chinese aircraft may look like real aircraft but they don’t act like real aircraft. I expect the “copycat” military aircraft are just as well made.
MrTommy 10
We can only hope . . .
Bayouflier 10
The guy responsible for the original purchase probably already got promoted.
R Jolly 4
Not just the aircraft. They also made an international airport with support from the same country, and added it to their list of white elephants.
Neil Ward 4
As the old saying goes " Buyer be aware "
Tony Lawrence 10
‘Buyer beware’.
Richard Haas 2
Caveat emptor.
China mades???????????????????????????????????
brownbearwolf 0
Maybe they figure the Cessna look alike is the way to buy.

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21voyageur 4
Monsieur Coursieres

vous voudrez peut-être partager vos pensées politiques ailleurs. La dernière fois que j'ai vérifié, c'était un forum sur l'aviation. En quelque sorte, la plupart du temps.
Rob Roy 7
M. Chiasson, je comprend. While I fully understand your comment and concern, I will be the first to admit that politics do in fact play a large part in the buying and selling of commercial aircraft. The creation of Airbus for instance, was never about economics but rather a political gambit formed solely to compete with Boeing and the American aerospace industry.
See above if there is no other politically-minded opinion, and since there are some let them know your disapproval.
Unless you tolerate only the opinions conform to yours ?
John Taylor -2
So now we're getting scolded in French for political commentary, eh?
Nooge 0
They should have an Air Force since they are being bombarded regularly by F 16s

And the bonus is my kids credit line and my taxes wont be paying for them
HP Baumeister -7
Learn English first!


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