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Bipartisan Senate bill would kill the TSA’s ‘Big Brother’ airport facial recognition

US Senators John Kennedy (R-LA) and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) introduced a bipartisan bill Wednesday to end involuntary facial recognition screening at airports. The Traveler Privacy Protection Act would block the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from continuing or expanding its facial recognition tech program. It would also require the government agency to explicitly receive congressional permission to renew it, and it would have to dispose of all biometric data within three months. ( More...

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homburge 8
I went through this 'recognition' at DTW last week (precheck lines). It was much, much slower to figure out who I was, and wonkier than the simple scan-my-drivers-license we've enjoyed at SJC for years. Note that the DL approach also doesn't require you to show or scan a boarding pass. TSA has your flight info already, so there you have it: much faster.

I hope Congress does something here on the side of rationality to put an end to an unnecessary cost and time sink.
Elaine Maike 4
A little to BIG BROTHER for my taste! The NSA wants to renew its 9-11 privacy invasion, no warrant Hm. search.. etc
We gave up a lot of privacy after 911 every 12 years this renewal law comes up, I vote NO to renewing it!
Kathy Piercy 8
As someone who uses global entry regularly, i much prefer facial recognition to fingerprinting. i endorse an opt out, but dont want it removed.
Michael Osmers 9
TSA is not Customs… In Global Entry, you authorized Customs to use your face as an identifier by joining the program (and paying a fee), TSA is not asking, nor telling you that you can opt out, critical differences in the programs.
As regular passengers, we have no problem with the technology that gets us through faster, and safer. People do have the right to opt out if they want, and can go through a separate line with full body searches.
Greg S 5
MrTommy 5
Sounds like we're headed down the 'China Road'.
darjr26 2
I wished the article went into more detail about how the scanning system works.
why would someone oppose additional security measures at airports by tsa?just showing a drivers license or passport and running bags through x ray have been somewhat ok,but with international issues ramping up again,and so many "unhappy" people,this might provide better "no fly" security and prevent people from getting on a plane who should not have access..
Steven Felton 6
First they came . . . . . .
More security is obviously better. The problem is protecting genuinely clandestine folks, and preventing nefarious government entities and people from misusing the information.
That, of course, is impossible.
linbb 2
There is good and bad in it for sure.
Fx X 1
I wish all governments went down this route.
Bin Laden won, didn't he?
Bohemian 1
As a pax, it works fine for me using Global Entry. Gate scanners are another thing, but that's on the airlines.

Given the incredible amount of real-time contextual private data that most folks are happy to share with the likes of Google, Facebook, Tik Tok etc. with little or no oversight, I really don't get the Big Brother stuff.

But sure, let people opt out if they want and go to a different line. Selfishly, as long as I still get through quickly with facial recognition, I'm cool with their right to choose.
People pay $189 per year to use facial recognition for expedited access with Clear. I would rather the FAA provide it free.
Kyle Barnoff 5
Clear is just another commercialization model. It doesn’t actually provide any value other than a false promise to get through security more quickly 🤦🏻‍♂️. When did Americans become so unresourseful to figure this stuff out?
BlueOak 0
Excellent, but will the President sign it into law, assuming the bill gets passed?
ken frantzen -3
The Senate knows that all Democrat Politicians will be declared terrorists by all AI packages. Democrats cannot stop AI because AI is Intelligent and Obama is an idiot!
Michael Osmers 1
Looks like not just Obama. /s
Timothy Allen -3
Facial recognition has been a great innovation. It helps me speed through TSA and Global Entry. What is the concern?


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