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Airbus wants to bring Beluga to USA

“ Airbus Beluga Transport applies for permission to operate in the US, aiming to expand its services to transport outsized cargo for commercially contracted customers.” ( More...

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bartmiller 8
Why not bring the BelugaXL to the US? Boeing flies a similar plane, the Dreamlifter, in the US. Both are used to transport large aircraft parts to the assembly factory.

The BelugaXL is based on a A330 airframe while the Dreamlifter is based on the 747-400.

The BelugaXL actually has more cargo volume than the Dreamlifter (2209 cubic meters vs 1840), but the Dreamlifter can carry much more payload (weight) (113,400 kg vs 50,500).

Having seen and been inside of both, they are both impressive specialty aircraft. Their operation records are impressive and have allowed geographically distributed manufacturing of jumbo aircraft.
David Beattie 3
Porquoi non? The Antonovs used to fly here. NBD.
Bill Overdue -9
Better stay where you are, as new ATC personnel may think it's too big to land, much less fly!
Anton1 4
Why too big? the base is an A330 frame just with a bigger fuselage on top. A380 is WAY bigger.
radu28 4
Actually, it's an A300, as pictured in the story. So even smaller, relatively speaking. The Beluga XL is based on the A330. I suppose with the latter now in service for Airbus, they have some spare capacity and want to use it, so the Beluga is freed up to do more menial tasks, like shifting Alibaba's stuff :)
Anton1 2
You are 100% right, the "old" or Beluga ST (Super Transporter) as they seem to call it is based on the A300-600, I had presumed they were all replaced by the Beluga XL in the mean time but both seem still in service for time being. Thanks for the correction!


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