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Russian Aircraft Incidents Triple in 2023 Amidst Spare Parts Shortages and Sanctions

A concerning surge in safety incidents involving Russian aircraft has unfolded in 2023, largely attributed to a critical shortage of spare parts and maintenance resources. This uptick in incidents has seen over 180 recorded cases this year alone, marking a stark increase compared to previous years. ( More...

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sparkie624 7
Now that is a real surprise... Ugh.. Not Really!
M.F. LaBoo 2
Raw numbers are interesting, but rates would be much more useful to a longitudinal data analysis. How many total flights per year in the studied years? I suspect sanctions may have cut into available aircraft and hence total flights, which would increase the pre- vs post-sanction discrepancy even more. But we need those denominators.
Jim Welch 2
Everyone, inside & outside the industry, saw this coming.
God help their passengers & crews. 💔
patrick baker 4
The russian government does not have the same safety fetish we in the USA do. THe stolen, now re-registered leased airliners have lacked correct replacement parts and mechanical maintenance for months. These aircraft would be grounded pending proper scheduled care. You see the attitude from the russian side toward safety in the manner the russian army is employed in Ukraine: indifference toward safety, tactics, supplies, food and training. It is not too much to expect crashes and deaths coming some time soon.
btweston 7
Fetish is a strange word here.
msetera 3
No shortages of vodka there however.
Joe Keifer 1
Does the US still allow Russian carriers into the US?
krispykreme 5
No. Not since March 2, 2022. Below is the revised NOTAM from March 10, 2022:
Alan Dahl 2
Russian government aircraft on diplomatic missions are still allowed but that is it. I don't believe that any non-Russian commercial flight that originates in Russia is permitted unless there is a stopover in one of the few countries that allows flights by both nations like Serbia or Turkey.
Jim Allen 1
There is no aircraft parts problem on Russia. You’re just listening to propaganda :-) If our planes are not fit to fly, they’d better toughen up.
willfe -3
So are we gloating that we've made the skies less safe by imposing sanctions (that easily hurt us far more than they've hurt Russia) or are we gloating that Russian civilian aircraft are more likely to crash than our own aging fleet? Because either way this article reeks of grave-dancing.

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btweston 5
What exactly is wrong with you?
sparkie624 2
LOL... No Comment.. after what just got expunged, no problems!
jeff creek 1


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