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FAA Initiates Mandatory Retrofit Process for Boeing 737NG Nacelle Design Changes

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has embarked on a crucial process to mandate nacelle design modifications for the Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG) fleet, a move spurred by a tragic accident and subsequent recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). These alterations are anticipated to become global mandates. ( More...

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Peter Fuller 8
Hope Boeing will also look at the design and certification of the MAX nacelle, to make certain that it’s at least as robust as the to-be-modified NG nacelle.
Michel Rene 4
Fan blade-out failures are supposed to be contained within the engine fan case. Usually by a kevlar ring. Not sure why the focus is on the fan cowl doors...
mbrews 1
FAA Focus on fan cowls you ask ? You bet. Ever since United flight 328 limped back to Denver February 20, 2021 with a completely missing cowling and engine #2 on fire. Dozens of 777-200s with that engine type (PW 4000-112) were grounded, for over a year.
Matt West 3
I will be honest, I'm not a huge Boeing fan. I say that so I don't get a bunch of "Boeing fan boy" replies.

However, I applaud Boeing for taking such a strong approach to what is, essentially, a very rare failure if one considers the number of NGs flying and that this incident has only occurred twice, without any hull losses. It seems as if they are finally moving back to their "safety centric" days...fingers crossed.
sparkie624 -6
The "NON" NG Versions are great.. Loved the 727 and 737-200, 300, & 400's... they were the greatest... Never was an Air(Scud or Scare)Bus Fan!
flyincj 3
These far out deadlines mean neither the government nor Boeing cares. These changes will be implemented about a decade after a life was lost.

Meanwhile, choose your seat with care.
Always wondered if the seat belt wasn’t partially to blame. I’ve gotten on my share of -700s to find the dang things slide loose with just a bit of a yank.
AJ Mesalic 4
It might not matter. Holes in the fuselage really suck.


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