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FAA launches recruitment campaign for workers with 'severe intellectual' disabilities, psychiatric problems and...

FAA launches recruitment campaign for workers with 'severe intellectual' disabilities, psychiatric problems and physical issues to hit woke DEI targets ( More...

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jeff creek 7
Let the comment riot begin!!
Bill Overdue 2
It's the "in your face insanity" the FAA shoves down the throats of intelligent people and then expect you to ask for more!
patrick baker 4
the FAA has been hring such qualified folks for years, most have risen to supervisory positions. I know this, i used to be a controller.
mbrews 1
As for qualifications, simply ask - Who is the Secretary of Transportation ? Answer - Mayo Pete.

And what transportation skills & experience did that person have when appointed ? None,Nada,Zero

Sadly, seems that ability, and competence, have become meaningless when selecting personnel

Roger Anderson 3
Now hiring at SFO
avionik99 0
Biden has to be at the top of that hiring list! He is a perfect candidate, fits the description to a T!!
Highflyer1950 3
Glad you survived the Bleach injection!
Tom Bruce 1
don't know why I'm surprised at anything anymore...jeeez
Bill Overdue -1
There will come a day when major plane crashes will happen with such regularity, they will surely go unnoticed on woke media. We will pay the price for DEI, and will tell you, with a straight face, it's worth every life sacrificed and expect you to believe it!
Rob Harrison 1
This is of course just what we need in light of the concern for sloppy work at Spirit and Boeing. Justice may be blind, but inspectors shouldn't be.


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