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Boeing's Problems Expand to Politicians After U.S. Government 737 Plane Breaks Down in Switzerland

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was due to return to Washington from Davos, Switzerland on January 17. However, he could not due to a critical malfunction with his Boeing aircraft. The aircraft in question was a modified Boeing C-40, a U.S. Air Force aircraft assigned to Joint Base Andrews. The incident is unrelated to previous Boeing troubles with the 737 MAX aircraft, although the C-40 is a modified 737 aircraft. ( More...

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Roger Anderson 2
I don't get why this has to be a story though. NG aircraft are generally very reliable, and are susceptible to maintenance issues. Sounds like a headline grabber totally unrelated to the MAX 9. Are we going to start reporting on every single aircraft breakdown now? Maybe we need some Airbus stories as well?
linbb 2
So what no big deal it was an issue that could crop up and happen on any aircraft at any time. But the DA news needs to try anything to grab headlines these days very sad scare tactics they use.
patrick baker 1
you arenot to be taken seriously with such a shollow comment.
linbb 1
Well sorry for the shallow comment and your stupid reply. Will try harder to make it clear was not h huge problem it was found before take off according to the article I read earlier so there was no emergency the flight was canceled due to the problem. Just because it was a Boeing aircraft it was PICKED UP by the press looking for more crap to post. GOT IT


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