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Boston Airport Disrupted as Migrants Sleep in Terminals Amid Growing Crisis

The migrant crisis in the United States has been hitting the news headlines for weeks now as the situation reaches new heights. Due to shelter capacity issues across Massachusetts, many migrants have been forced to spend nights at Boston Logan International Airport. ( More...

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patrick baker 2
disruption in this case means visibility inflicted upon those who wish not to be made aware of the problem. Disruption here means having to see, to be made to think of "those" people.
linbb 0
So you fix the problem as so far throwing TAX PAYER money at it does nothing at all. Money for not working just keeps the cycle going.
George Lane 3
Not to minimize the seriousness of the migrant crisis (and I do consider it a crisis), but...
Were planes prevented from taking off? Were flights delayed? Passengers unable to board? The article doesn't specify the exact nature of the "disruption."
linbb 0
Well try this imagine going to an airport wanting to find a place to wait for your flight. The place where you normaly wait before checking in is full of people sleeping everywhere wandering around trying to get free food, using the bathrooms for most anything. The squatters have taken over what normally would have been your place to wait. Not one has paid any taxes or have a job or care to change there way of living for whatever reason. And unless those rooms or tiny houses they build for them are free and have to do nothing so they can live in them things will never change. No reason for them to.


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