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Boeing, TUI Group Announce Selection of 18 737 MAX 10s

Boeing (NYSE: BA) and TUI Group, the world's number one tourism business, today announced its selection of 18 737 MAX 10s at the 2017 Paris Air Show. TUI Group already had 70 unfilled orders for the 737 MAX and will convert 18 of these existing orders to the 737 MAX 10. The leisure group is the first European operator to select the latest member of the 737 MAX family of airplanes. ( 기타...

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linbb 1
Thanks JF for all the posts don't worry about thoae airbust trolls that cant take it. Wish that they would find somewhere else to troll.
pilotjag 1
Lol the Airbus haters will hate :D
Thanks for being balanced and posting about both.


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