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GE Tells Boeing it Won't Share 797 Engine Production with Rivals

GE Aviation head David Joyce, citing advrese impacts from prior multi-supplier arrangement for Airbus A330 engines, says “we’re out” if Boeing opts for multiple turbine suppliers. ( 기타...

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The title here on FlightAware is WRONG and in addition MISLEADING, go read the actual article title instead...
btweston 1
"GE Tells Boeing It Won't Join Three-Way Race on 797 Plane Engine"

I think your hysterics may be misguided.
BigBook 1
Original headline dated ‎06-19‎‎ 4‎:‎14‎a on which Squawk was based: "GE Tells Boeing it Won't Share 797 Engines with Arch-Rivals." You can Google it. After reading the story carefully, headline was clarified slightly in the post to align with the actual text. GE Aviation head, David Joyce's, dramatic associated quote was given in the original story as: "Should Boeing opt for multiple suppliers,'we're out' ..." Almost 24 hours later on 06-20‎ 2:32a itself "updated" (rather than corrected) this story to the version now displayed from the same link. Headline became: "GE Tells Boeing it Won't Join Three-Way Race on 797 Plane Engine." Additionally the attention-getting context of David Joyce's remark was taken down a notch to: "Should Boeing opt for more than two suppliers, 'we’re out'...” Hard to say what transpired in the intervening 22+ hours without being in the middle of it but I'd guess GE found it neccessary to bring specificity to it's position and that's all. Just the daily grist of corporate P.R. and media relations. In any case there is no attempt to mislead here.
linbb 0
Good decision rather than break even or loose money on it. Probably will see more of this to come with other manufacturs.


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