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2 killed as helicopter crashes into crane in central London

London (CNN) -- Two people were killed and two others injured Wednesday when a helicopter crashed into a crane atop a new building in central London, police said. ( 기타...

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Police statement on London helicopter crash
Posted on 01-16 at 08:45:20 CST
[As released by Scotland Yard]

Police were alerted at approx. 08.00hrs on Wednesday 16 January re. an
incident at Wandsworth Road SW8.

At this early stage it appears a helicopter was in collision with a
crane on top of a building.

Met officers, the ambulance service and the London Fire Brigade have

It is too early at this stage to confirm any casualties.

We will confirm further details on the incident as soon as possible.

You can watch LIVE BBC coverage from this site:
pully6 1
Looks like the crane above the tower was in fog

I see a report saying 1POB
biz jets 1
G-CRST photo; was owned by Castle Air UK and operated by photo taken JAN 13 2013 Exeter UK.

Two crew fatal - 7 persons treated at scene, 6 transported to hospital - 5 of those with minor injuries, 1 with broken leg.
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Helicopter Crashes in London

2 have died in a crash in Central London after the Helicopter crash into a helicopter during low visibility.
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BREAKING: Major Helicopter crash in central London

Helicopter crashes in central London (Vauxhall) after colliding with a construction crane on the St. Georges Tower (largest residential building in the UK). No word on type of Helicopter or causalities. Preliminary images posted on Twitter show major destruction on the ground.


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