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Cockpit Chronicles: Why I've fallen for the MD-80

An interesting video about some of the technical aspects of the MD-80. ( 기타...

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Well done.....Enjoyed listening to you, and the "quirks" that you pointed out. And, I even learned a couple of things, or, maybe I knew them, and have just forgotten those particular "quirks'. Sure brought back some memories of when I flew the MD-80 at PSA (Pacific Southwest)......Thanks for the well spoken "memory" tour. Best to you in your continued career.

Very nice video, but from a Mechanics view point, I do not really like working on it. All those cables that he talked about have to be perfectly rigged and there are a ton of them on this a/c and they are heavy. 41 dimmers in the plane... That is a lot of Rheostats to maintain. Overall I like the MD80's, but not my first choice to work on. This is more of a Pilots plane than a Mechanics Plane.
Great video, really enjoyed it!


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