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Airlines stir doubts among health experts with claims of safe flying

Airlines have loudly insisted that it's safe to fly during the coronavirus pandemic, and U.S. travel is surging before the Thanksgiving holiday despite a nationwide spike in virus cases. Yet top U.S. infectious-disease experts say the findings underpinning the carriers' safety claims aren't that conclusive. ( 기타...

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emkostiuk 1
I understand that COVID is new but I'm growing very tired of these so-called health experts who continue to challenge this or that. One doc says one thing on TV the other contradicts him/her stating an opposite opinion. The public doesn't know which way to turn. Thank God they never had any input into the Wright Brothers leaving the ground.
well,there is an old expression.."cleanliness is next to godliness"..!it IS a fact that covid 19 is a highly contagious,communicable IS a fact that not being elebow to elbow with others,wearing a mask, and wahsing hand,as well as sanitizing frequently toueched surface in publuic areas,or even at home,kills bacteria and does help prevent spread..itIS a fact the virus is an airborne one and as any virus,attaches to any available host..reserachers,scientists,and thos in the medical profession are advising the public about the facts they have at present,and they have not changed much..even if the airlines say the air is recirculated and fresh and sanitary,the passenger is still inside a long metal tube slbow to elbow with many others since the middle seats ar no long being held open,they are touching most surfaces for lavatories to seats to overhead bins,and yes,they are breathing in close poriximity,even with a mask to the person next to them and even actoss the aisle..commmon sense dont you think???if you could see a physical manifestation of the virus,as with measles or mumps or chickenpox,you most certainly would NOT board a flight,even if the airlines said its fine!
i am sorry for typos..the fingers are going faster than the spellchecker!!


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