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United Airlines said it was just PR. The CDC says airlines are full of it

Perhaps you've already been vaccinated, which has led you toward being emboldened. You want to get out. You want to go and see clients, colleagues, and certain secret friends whom you always manage to catch up with when you're on a business trip. ( 기타...

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Greg S 2
I've read some of this particular author's pieces and he is a grade A propaganda clown. For some weird reason Team Blue have adopted Covid alarmism as part of their religious beliefs.
Great, however diagonally from someone is less a threat than next to? even if it is a family member? and, how many mass breakouts have been due to airline travel, [america only] and how do you explain dropping mask mandates with decreased daily cases like here in NH?
I fly weekly, but didn’t catch covid in a plane, but through my six year old, there was an ‘outbreak’ in his school. Two days of back ache and a mild fever and it’s over; which is the case for 99.67% of people who get this virus. I’m glad I had it, now I have a naturally life long anti-body defence against it, way better than the experimental vaccination flu-jab that at best reduces the symptoms for about a year. About the middle seats, my airline never blocked any seats and we have not heard of any ‘outbreak’ after our flights. It’s time to move on people! You’ve been lied too, the global population growth of 2020 wasn’t even affected and still they make you wear those home-made useless masks like that could ever make a difference! Stand tall against oppression and censorship and take your normal life back before it’s gone forever.
btweston 0
You are dangerously uninformed.
In a capitalistic society, human life is too expensive to save.
Greg S 3
You are a child. Please don't grow up.
Tk Ldr 7
Because socialism is where all the human value is at. I was noticing the other day - the world is so full of wealthy, empowering, hope-filled communal-socialist countries,that the freedom loving peoples from capitalist countries are climbing in boats, illegally crossing borders and doing whatever they can to start their exciting new lives in the communist dictatorships! It’s amazing there are any people left to fill these planes, while having to suffer the oppression of bad marketing and thinly veiled attempts to improve their bottom line during a pandemic. So many millions each year are leaving Europe for Russia and millions more leaving the US for China, that we may not have an Olympic team this year.
Ask the people of Venezuela how Socialism worked out for them.
pjshield 2
Pure SARCASM - I love it!
An eceonomics prof I had in college said 'In capitalism, everything has a price, and nothing has any value.' He is right...
Greg S 4
You obviously never took an economics class, but nice story.
btweston 0


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