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Mammoth Freighters invests in aerospace firm to jump-start 777 conversions

A new engineering firm with big financial backers has bought an MRO facility so it can begin cutting 777s into cargo configuration. ( 기타...

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pilotjag 4
It's great to see these retired/stored 777s getting a new lease on life in the 2nd hand market instead of being scrapped entirely. Wish Mammoth the best in their venture!
Liked your response. Thanks for reading. Air cargo folks love the 777s in passenger or cargo configuration b/c they can carry a lot of freight and are pretty efficient.
JJ Johnson 4
I was on Forest Service FEMA team responding down to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria on a Delta 777 out of my home base in Atlanta

Have not flown a 777 since and Delta retired theirs. If I just knew that would be the last flight I would take probably ever on a 777. Ironic it was full of Federal emergency response folks.
What's with the vertical stabilizer in the picture? It looks shorter than the rudder (?)


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