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Amsterdam airport officials employed a herd of pigs to stop birds flying into plane engines

The pigs grazed on a plot of land between two runways where sugar beets were recently harvested. Bird activity in the area with the pigs was compared to a plot without pigs. ( 기타...

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mbrews 10
The porcines deserve a first class seat as reward. Ya know - when pigs fly ....
the wonderful, unique thing about the amsterdam international airport is that it is more a working farm with runways than anything else. The Dutch are ingenious, hard working folks, experts in hydrology, and are practical folks who got it right on land utilization, being that the dutch have reclaimed thousands of acres from the north sea with dikes and embankments.
Mike Monk 4
This is no good...what is to stop the pigs from flying into the engines? :-)
Heard about a new invention called fences?
Can't alter the reply, forgot the smiley ;-)
Bernie20910 3
Well, now when an engine ingests the local fauna you won't get that "baked chicken" smell... you'll get bacon!
Why permit planting that type of crop so close to such an airport? It’s known that birdlife will come in to feed after cropping.
Will management take note for next time. pigs might fly!!
R Jolly 1
And then there is a story of a pig on the runway bringing down a F-16.


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