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Sully Named To ICAO

The Senate last week confirmed Capt. Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger as its ambassador to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Sullenberger was the pilot monitoring when US Airways Flight 1549 hit a flock of geese shortly after takeoff from La Guardia Airport in January of 2009, killing both engines on the A320. He took control from FO Jeff Skiles and deadsticked the airliner to a fatality-free ditching on the Hudson River. The instant fame of the “Miracle on the Hudson” pilots… ( 기타...

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coinflyer 12
Belarus has never been made to pay for the hijacking of the Ukrainian airliner, and of course the fate of the poor dissident snatched off the flight has faded into awkward silence.
Congratulations to a brilliant pilot. Can’t find enough good words for Captain Sullenberger. A remarkable man in every aspect. Wish there were more like Sully.
Greg S 13
Sullenberger is a perfect choice for several reasons including that he demonstrated his independence by writing a principled, well-reasoned, and very strongly-worded critique of the Boeing MCAS design and it's contribution to the fatal MAX crashes.
jwmson 4
Mark Kortum 4
The article, short as it is, emphasizes politics and not the advancement of airline safety to which Capt. Sullenberger could contribute his expertise. I suspect he will be stifled by an ineffective international bureaucracy with mostly politics on its agenda.
Most critical and ludicrous. United touting all over national news. How they FIRED good employees for not getting those shots……. And that United employees are safe to not to get nor spread COVID. So why then is UAL suffering crew shortages and cancelling thousands of flights due to COVID-infected flight crews? These fired employees should get their jobs back !
The best possible choice !!
I hope Sully will deal more with safety than carbon footprint reduction.
Joe Keifer 1
If you can believe what was in the film, the NTSB has its gun drawn, the hammer pulled back and cocked with its finger on the trigger getting ready to take him out for doing what he and the co-pilot did. I think he is a good pick.
Great pick! What Greg S. said.

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I actually think Sully is a good choice because he was an aviation safety expert before US 1549 and the Miracle on the Hudson only solidified his reputation and proved his judgement. He's been fully dedicated to aviation safety ever since, and he's a name that most Americans know and trust.
Gary Doggett 15
Since when could someone saving 155 souls receive "way too much press"? It's amazing to see how some ppl express themselves. Is it jealousy? Is it stupidity? Whatever it is, you're an idiot. Go away.
If you review LINBB's other bitter and negative posts he rarely has anything positive and interesting to add
He normally only comments about non US trained pilots and their incompetence (in his view). It is out of his character to praise the flying skills of Capt Dardano.
Thanks Andy! Thanks very much for the helpful info. I very rarely comment but just thought LINBB was really out of line. Capt. Sulley is a national Hero, a perfect gentleman.
bentwing60 10
Not only did Capt. Dardano nail the landing, he did it with only one eye! And they flew it out. Bravo again.

As for Capt. Sully, no better choice comes to mind.
coinflyer 2
Thanks for this link @bentwing60; it also contains a link to a long interview with Capt. Dárdano on YouTube which I enjoyed immensely.
Blah blah blah!

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Mark Henley 7
Looks like you get to join today's idiot pool too....


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