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FedEx tasked with rushing baby formula from Europe to Pennsylvania

FedEx is playing a key role in Operation Fly Formula so far. ( More...

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Leander Williams 3
I have already stirred up a lot of controversy on Facebook when I said why the heck is there a problem with everyone panicking from a formula shortage? There are millions of women who have their own formula. I do not believe there are so many babies that can't tolerate breast milk, or that the women who claim it is painful to breastfeed that they can't suck it up for a bit. Drs will prescribe formulas for those babies that NEED it. I grew up in the 50s and they didn't have 900 brands of baby formulas, nor were there Pampers and Huggies.
Eric Kulisch 1
So are you saying society doesn't need formula or just that we don't need so many brands? That's great you were raised healthy without formula, but not everyone is so lucky. Not sure it's fair to determine others needs based on your limited experience. Comment seems insensitive just to be provocative. And then you're basically saying women don't get a say in their careers because they need to stay home for at least a year and breast feed the whole time. Seems like we've evolved from "Leave It To Beaver" and "Father Knows Best" days.
Leander Williams 4
So I, at 77 years old, don't have experience? I have raised 4 kids [none of which had formula]. A sister had 15 kids [none of which required formula], and probably another 40 to 50 nieces and nephews never had formula. If you had read, you would have caught the part where I said doctors will prescribe a formula for babies who cannot tolerate breast milk. I never said that I am against formula. What I said in not so many words is that to the women who may have careers or breastfeeding may cause some pain they should be able to adapt to the time there is a shortage. Women used to have breast pumps to make sure they had formula on the go so they didn't have to breastfeed. I don't think my comments are insensitive. But, people have adapted and improvised for thousands of years before formula came along. This is a man-made crisis, just like toilet paper during the early part of the pandemic.
Eric Kulisch 3
Yes, there were man-made mistakes, like a plant that was contaminated and needed to be closed until fixes were made. And there were supply chain problems. Maybe some people stockpiled too much and helped create the problem . . But to go from that to say, well, we don't really need formula or toilet paper seems a stretch. Again, that's great if people want to use breast pumps and breast feed. I guess my point is that the nice thing about progress is that people have more choices now. Could I survive without toilet paper? Sure. But I don't want to go back in time 150 years. . . Or then I could use a bidet and not be subject to the fickle market. But then, what if my water got cut off? . . .I think on the baby formula topic we should stick to why was there a recall, market concentration issues, building up manufacturing resilience and contingency plans so don't get caught short again. Those are valid topics, I think. That's where any discussion should focus.
21voyageur 0
Unless you are medically qualified to make these statements, best to keep your personal thoughts to yourself. Yes, ignorance is bliss but only appropriate when unshared and when broadcast, can only be detrimental if you are trying to be an influencer.
Leander Williams 1
For your information, I am medically qualified. It's ironic that people go nuts when your opinion differs from theirs.
Eric Kulisch 0
Let's just leave it at: There are many babies that are allergic to cow's milk or breast milk, many others that can't digest cow's milk, many others that have special medical conditions that require special nutrient/formulas. Just because your family didn't experience any problems 50 years ago and didn't need formula doesn't mean it's not legitimate for many others.
Peter Ashby 1
Just asking ,. Why have to obtain supplies from countries overseas?
Adjacent countries Canada and Mexico, are they low on stocks, I don't believe so?
Eric Kulisch 1
Because our largest formula plant was shut down for contamination reasons and a bunch of formula was recalled. I wouldn't doubt other countries are tight on formula b/c of supply chain issues, but maybe they aren't in shortage.
Grant Bruckmeier 1
I thought this was an aviation forum.
Jeff Smith 1
Hooray for FedEx. Let’s go Brandon…
Eric Kulisch 1
What's your point? What's with the one-track mind?
Bryant Mook 2
The shoe fits, go Brandon!
Dennis Truckenbrod -2
That's like buying oil from russia! THANKS A LOT, sleepy-joe-talibiden!!!!!
Eric Kulisch 4
What on earth do you mean? What's the problem with this news?
21voyageur 3
You sir, are a sad and lonely case. Sheesh.
Andy Cruickshank 2
Indeed he is
Jeff Smith 0
One track in getting this country back on track. Tell me one thing that Brandon’s administration has done to make my life better? Open borders, gas doubled, crime out of control, loss of international respect…,
Carol Averill 0
I don't know what the big deal is. Many of us did well on formulas made with canned milk and kero syrup.

21voyageur -3
Yet another issue to worry about in the "shining city upon a hill"


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