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Russia threatens to destroy Ukraine jets given by Slovakia and Poland.

After Poland and Slovakia have transferred jets to Ukraine to help in the war, Russia has threatened to destroy these aircraft to help themselves advance in the war. ( More...

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bbabis 16
Isn't that the object of war? You try to destroy ours and we try to destroy yours?
Greg S 9
It seems like the silliest excuse for a story I've ever seen. The article contains nothing that isn't obvious or already well-known.
stuart landau 1
This isn't war; it's just a neighborhood dispute. This apparently occurred in undisputed international air space, where there is a free right of passage. Had the drone been a manned surveillance air vehicle, it would have been a major incident.
Joseph Brown 4
What a none-story. Of course the Russians will attempt to destroy what is now an enemy aircraft.
Alan Macdonald 7
This article is dated over a wek ago, have I enetered a time warp of some kind
Dale Ballok 2
Just a week old? That’s pretty new compared to some of the stories posted on various sites, some almost 12months old!
Michael Foster 3
I was thinking of printing out this BBC article.
Our bird cage needs a new liner.
Hans Schulze 1
B B C getting a bit itchy for headlines. Maybe they should document corruption.
David Hasse 1
Really comes under "Well duh" and the Ukrainians will try to use their "new" aircraft to destroy Russian targets, ground or airborne. Wishing them good hunting.
mimana 0
This is such pathetic effort to maintain this war ongoing. No effort to reach a peaceful resolution. Russia and even Ukraine were about to reach one, but NATO leaders are obsessed in using it for their corporate gains.
Juan Jimenez 0
Let them try. 🤣🤣🤣
Nathan Cox -6
Anyone else tired of this senseless, prolonged war that we keep spending money on when we have no direct ties to Ukraine? When will someone talk about a peace deal?
John Rogers 9
Peace for who? Russian Peace is Ukraine surrendering, and becoming another property of theirs. Peace for Ukraine is Russia getting the hell out of their country and leaving them alone.
Good luck


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