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Billionaire Branson sits out Virgin Orbit’s costly flameout

Richard Branson was long a force to be reckoned with in the booming private space business. The British serial entrepreneur beat fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos to the first cosmic tourist trip with his Virgin Galactic venture. Branson’s second space foray, Virgin Orbit, strapped rockets under the wing of a jumbo jet to launch satellites on their flight path, complete with mission monikers like “Start Me Up” that reflect his distinctive blend of business and bravado. ( More...

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emkostiuk 2
I met Mr. Branson once a very nice individual not what he appears on TV. Very humble type of individual.
coinflyer 2
jmilleratp 2
I was able to view the page okay, but that is probably because I haven't visited the Seattle Times before, or for a while. You can maybe circumvent the paywall you have been experiencing by opening copying the link with a right click and "Copy Link Address" then paste it into an Incognito Window or Private Window.
Tflys1 -4
It appears that the real problem with Virgin Orbit is their failure to build a rocket big enough to support that massive ego that Branson carries around


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