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Judge: United Airlines not liable for alleged 9/11 security lapse

United Airlines bears no responsibility for suspected security lapses at a Maine airport that allowed hijackers onto the American Airlines plane that crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, a federal judge ruled. ( 기타...

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linbb 1
Yup its repost time again
WTC7 collapsed due to fire supposedly. If that's true surely the architects behind such a flawed structural design should be held accountable too.
Agreed... They knew terrorist threats against us was real at the time the WTC was built. They could have planned for it.
Sang Le 0
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Judge removes United from World Trade Center case

A federal judge wrote that it wasn't "within United's range of apprehension" that terrorists would slip through security in one city, get on a flight in another, hijack it and crash it.
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United Airlines Not Responsible for Security Lapse on 9/11

A federal judge ruled that United Airlines is not responsible.


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