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Jet fuel delivery ends up in two New Jersey gas stations.

Oops! Sorry about your car.. And the Haz-Mat incident... A fuel truck mistakenly delivered loads of jet fuel to two auto gas stations in New Jersey, which caused motor damage to several vehicles before police shut down the stations. ( 기타...

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Well, they stopped at a DELTA station and got jet fuel. Am I the only one that finds that funny?
Are you sure it wasnt A citgo station...after all the logo of citgo and delta are similar....Hahah!! Trying to be funny here...
I was thinking the same thing.
Had a friend who had a TR6 and added a quart of Jet A every time he filled up.
Did anyone see the Family Guy episode where Peter thought jet fuel in his truck would make it fly?
zcolescott this the same as the Jet-A story or something completely new?
fueler 1
I was fueler in Okc and we used to put Jet-A out of sump tank into our fuel trucks which were diesel engines and didn't hurt them at all-as well as ground equipment that were diesel fueled....But its no good at all for domestic vehicles that run on regular gasoline....I smell law suit in the air....Tee hee hee....
Should work with a diesel, well minus the gas
No danger, just a couple seized engines.

The oil delivery company will buy those folk new cars..

Now, disposing of a tank full of MoGas & Jet-A? that's going to be expensive and messy!
Some airport is going to have a ton of free fuel to use for their training fires.
There should be no damage to engines, cleaning the engine and possibly the replacement of the catalytic converter might be all that's needed.

And Diesels should run on Jet A-1 like charm.
zennermd 1
It's tempting me right now, and I should know better. :)
Lets hope that the fuel that was supposed to be delivered was'nt delivered to an airliner.
Shouldn't we be more concerned about where the tanker that was *supposed* to go to the gas station ended up? If it was similarly misrouted by going where the Jet A tanker was supposed to go, gasoline in a jet engine is a far greater concern than Jet A in a car!
linbb 1
Who knows the way they write storys next it will be diesel fuel. Bet there are AC owners who would like to have a tanker to fill up at those stations at auto fuel price.
Hey, No wonder those cars were doing the gangman dance too....
If they were legit, they wouldn't quit!!!
HBFlyer 0
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Jet fuel accidentally pumped into cars.

What happens when a tanker accidentally delivers jet fuel to a gas station for cars?
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Six NJ Gas Stations Get 100LL By Mistake

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs confirmed Wednesday that approximately eight tankers of aviation fuel were mistakenly delivered to six gas stations last week in four New Jersey counties. This fuel was sold to motorists last week before the stations were shut down.
Sounds like the problem started at the fuel depot. Someone either but the jet fuel in the wrong storage tank or the depot loading manager opened the wrong valves. It would appear that the tankers are not at fault as the load as directed by the loading supervisor.


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