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Alaska Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Portland; captain unconscious

Paul McElroy, an Alaska Airlines representative, said a pilot went unconscious, forcing the first officer to make an emergency landing at PDX. ( 기타...

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I still think they just did it as SOP and the reporter had something to add to an otherwise not much newsworthy story. Regardless of what seat you are sitting in, if he got it down, it wouldn't be a deal for an 11 yr FO to get it to the gate if he had too.
Wouldn't work in a 737, the only tiller is on the CAPT's side under the #2 window.
I love havin' a good tech guy around! keep us honest JM24
LOL! Welcome, I will try. :P
The runway is good enough for me! Don't need no stinking gate for me to be happy.
if something like that were to happen when i fly the next time i would like a cool headed and level headed first officer at the controls
This is basically a non-event. I'm glad all is well. Now can I start making Airplane references?
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Thanks for the responses. (This is why I love this forum.)
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"The plane was met on the runway by emergency medical personnel. The plane was towed to the gate because the captain is the one who taxis to the gate."

Can anyone explain if this is valid? Couldn't the first officer taxi to the gate?
Tiller located only on the side of the left seat.
Right side tillers are standard on the 777 and 787, options on the others so it could have had one. I had one on a 757 from back in the mid 80's and the 767 they bought a couple of years ago has them. There are a lot of Airlines that do require the Captain to taxi in/out regardless of who is going to fly, however I doubt that Airline SOP had any bearing on this deal.
ASA only operates 737's, the tiller is on CAPT side only. The FO would only be able to get the plane off the runway and thats only a maybe.
JetMech24, really!? I know you are joking but are the 121 FAR standards that low the right seat pilot forgot how to fly OR are the U.S. Airlines just allowing any multi-eng pilot in the seats these days without a type, similar to the Air France incident over the Atlantic?

I realize I’m going off on a tangent but what disgusts me is the fact, the general public doesn't know and the media hasn't connived, both pilots must meet specific KS&As just to be sitting in either seat as a 121 driver since the Q400 Buffalo debacle, yet the companies of the airlines don't pay the FO for this-brought to the table before interview/training experience. This is a good place to stop this conversation.
Timothy, settle down man. All he is talking about is enough rudder authority to turn the plane off the runway, NOT lacking the ability to do it. If it only had a left side tiller, he WOULD have had a problem in that respect
That's why i started my comments with, "I know you are joking".
Sorry bout dat. I missed
I meant physically able to do it from the right seat, now get off your horse before you get thrown.
First I've ever heard of it. PF should take it out/in as far as I know. They could have towed it under the circumstances and an over anxious reporter threw that in the story to make it sound good.
The control for the nosewheel steering is only on the captain's side.
Depends on the A/C and even on his side, definitely accessible. To boot, nothing to prevent FO from changing seats if needed. I think they just towed as SOP and reporter had to add to an otherwise mundane story
The rudder pedals have 7 degrees of authority. That may be enough for the first officer to clear the runway at a highspeed, but would never be able maneuver in the gate area without the use of the tiller on the captain's side.
From what I've been told a jetliner can be taxied OK without the tiller using rudder and differential braking and thrust.
Would they have had to move the Cpt from his seat in order to access the tiller? Perhaps someone made the call to not move the person (now victim/patient) unnecessarily and opting for the tow. Has there been any updated info on his/her condition?
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Note - there's ridiculous writing in this article, too - particularly in how the co-pilot was "forced to take over."
Another hysteric report from BNN: Breathless News Network. Everything must be reported is desperately significant even if nothing happens. Thanks for the update.
Get your flu shot.
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Flight diverted after Alaska Airlines pilot passes out

A flight from Los Angeles to Seattle was diverted to Portland late Thursday after one of the pilots lost consciousness.

Alaska Airlines said Flight 473's first officer flew the Boeing 737-700 to Portland International Airport after the captain became ill over Oregon


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