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Airlines' Woes Rise as CDC Warns Against Thanksgiving Travel

Given the rapidly increasing COVID-19 cases in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned people to avoid Thanksgiving travel. In an already suppressed demand scenario, this only adds to the worries of U.S. airlines. Dr. Henry Walke, CDC’s COVID-19 incident manager, stated that the “strong recommendation” is because the virus might spread at the country’s “transportation hubs” due to lack of physical distancing. ( 기타...

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I’ve been in 3 airports in the last 5 days. All required masks and were enforcing distancing by blocking off seating areas, and using “contactless” payment methods at concessions and kiosks (the few that were operating). Everyone I saw was respectful of each other’s space in baggage check/retrieval and security lines. I’m back home and laying low for a couple weeks, and I’m far from a cowering sheep.
At least the airlines have stopped requiring their customers to pay full fare for nothing.
My wife and I had Thanksgiving just the two of us. We had planned on our daughter and son-in-law driving in fro a couple of hundred miles away, but waiting to the last minute, mutually cancelled last week.

Please be smart and take care of those you love. The virus is not smart and it don't care. It will use someone you love and trust just as easily as some stranger. So it is up to each us.
at our local airport,the pictures shown by the tv stations showed a "medium" amount of travellers,as compared to years past when the terminals were packed..i did hear from some friends and relatives and some wer staying home and not having big gatherings,and some wer saying the heck with it and getting together anyway..who knows..the virus is still spreading and cases are rising, and the vaccines will not be ready for mass use very soon..
While one should avoid large gatherings, and that includes more than 5 people in a house, if people are smart, they could have smaller get togethers depending on who it is, and how they are in contact with others. A college student on campus in a dorm not going home is one thing, but the person who lives alone going to visit someone less than an hour away for a group of 3 is a different story.
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The ruling class fly private, so what the hell, let everyone else eat cake.
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I'd think that everyone traveling over Thanksgiving is pretty well committed at this point...Nice try, CDC. As for Christmas? We'll see. I'd hope that everyone going to see Grandma over the holidays at least has the good sense to stay in a motel to minimize exposure.


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