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Two Aircraft Collide on KBOS Taxiway

Two Delta aircraft collide on a runway at KBOS while both were taxing. 1 injury reported. ( More...

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conmanflyer 0
hmmm, not bad! lol
conmanflyer 0
I like the title on this article, because each of the other articles make it something bigger than it is.
Danish Nelson 0
This reminds me when the Air France A380 cliped the other smaller Delta jet on a JFK Taxiway, Its just happening again, were the tail on the small one was damaged and the and wing on the big one was cliped. No big deal
Dennis Trawick 0
Both flight numbers 266 .... hmmmmm .... confusion???
Ryan Ri 0
One lady has neck pain? Somebody wants a quick paycheck...
There will be a lot of "neck pain" before it's over.
Ronald Padgett 0
ASA Flight 4904... Blonde roots? 'specially since it's correct later in the story.
Kawaiipoint2 0
I hate reporters so much. None of them ever know anything when something relating to aviation is a story.
glang3 0
The problem is they do not care enough to report the truth, only what will diplay best in the headlines. They need to remove the "Hollywood" from the news-reporting industry!
Dylan Neidorff 0
If your gonna hit a plane, might as well keep it in the Delta family...
preacher1 0
Must have been a reporter typo on the flight numbers as they were not identical.The reporter makes it sound like they were on the same taxiway and one passing the other.
Not really surprised. That is a very busy airport.
If you think that reporting on Aviation is so loused up, you should see what they do to stories with a Railroad content. Like the time a reporter in Chicago actually believed that a train "swerved" to hit a car at a crossing.

And glang3 is correct, they really don't care to report the actual incident, as it does not fit in their paradigm. Recall the motto of one newsroom in Chicago back in the 80's; "if it bleeds, it leads", the rest is on page 41.
glang3 0
Thanks, man! Wish we could do more to change it!
Both flight numbers are 266? Maybe DL is going too far with codeshare!
They should have tried using one A/C instead of merging them!
Michael Fuquay 0
The title says they "collide on runway"?

Well, atleast it was the same airline. That should simplify the paperwork and nullify any legal ramifications.
preacher1 0
In actuality, although painted the same, they are 2 separate airlines. ASA flights operated by Delta under a capacity agreement. As a matter of fact, there was an article on FA about ASA & Skywest becoming 1 soon to be called SureJet. Again a reporter error. The flight number on the ASA(4904) was actually a DAL flight number. Again, a non aviation reporter getting excited
Scott Wallace 0
I love how the media and the general public perceive the runway and taxiway to be the same thing....sigh.
Michael Marana 0
It may now be time to install winglet cameras w/ advanced ground collision course warnings; similar to what ships have.
preacher1 0
CBS interviewed Sully on the evening news and he said he thought we'd see more of this because of congestion and the fact that the wings were so far back now that a pilot could not look back from the cockpit of an airliner and see his wingtips, and with a 20-40' overhang over most taxiways, we will probably see more of the same unless someone spends the money for the aforementioned technolgy; someone being the airlines and until it gets more expensive to fix damage than install that equipment they probably won't.
preacher1 0
And as a PS to my last comment, let it be noted there are wing walkers on the ramp when backing out a plane from a gate for this very reason, the pilot can't see; he's looking at the coordinator and/or listening to the tug anyway. With a 156' wingspan on a 767 and a 140' taxiway there is always room for something to happen.
Actually it's ASA and ExpressJet becoming Sure Jet. They are both owned by SkyWest but SkyWest Airlines will continue to operate separately.

Why didn't they evacuate both airplanes immediately? "Uhhhhh we're just gonna uhhhhh sit here and try to uhhhhh figure things out uhhhh why don't you start the equipment anyway". If a fire had broken out, that extra couple minutes would have saved hundreds of lives.
preacher1 0
My bad on the 2 MANBOI. You are correct but it still had a DAL flt# even though not the call sign. Let the reporter figure that one out:)
Also, if the audio recording I heard was correct and not edited, the female controller said they were on it and then the male controller cleared the 767 for take off. I guess they weren't on it.
joe johnson 0

Hmmm, that will be difficult to explain.
"Hey you scratched my Boeing". Is that the winglet of the 767 impaled in the stabilizer of the CRJ? Didn't this scene play out in NYC about two months ago?
dbaker 0
[ Link to Squawk with ATC recording]
Thanks Daniel. That is the recording I heard. Obviously the poster isn't a pilot as they transcribed "good rate around the corner" as 'good right around the corner' and a few other mistakes.


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