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An early look at Google's new Flight Search feature

Just over five months ago, we welcomed ITA Software to the Google family. Since then, our engineering teams have been working closely together to build new travel tools that provide faster, more flexible, and more useful results to online travel searches. We wanted to give you an early look at some of what we’ve been able to accomplish so far. Starting today, when you search for flight information on Google, for example “flights from Chicago to Denver,” you will see a “Flights” link in the… ( 기타...

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Doesn't work very well, you can pick options they offer and it shows no results, suggesting you make changes that don't apply to see more results. Also no international support at all.
canuck44 0
If it is Google you can expect to kiss any of your privacy goodbye. They have made a lot of dubious partnerships with governments "foreign and domestic" and are exceedingly cavalier with the information they glean from searches, purchases and payments. I personally avoid them as much as possible. Some of our other search engines are just as bad but not so omnipresent, but some do not store your data.
On the Droid version the screen or very dark and hard to see, also navagation is not as easy as it should be to move around to various functions.
There are several flights from LIT to Dal everyday. This system says no flights could be found. Tried other destinations It does not work.
I tried to search flights from LCH to LAS connecting in IAH and it couldn't find anything. Needs work to be able to compete with other travel sites.
So Google Flight launches.. with a MAJOR gaffe.

One of the destinations you could search for flights to.. was the World Trade Center.

In short.. oops.
I am not very impressed at all. I just tested the 2 flights that I flew on and it gave me 0 results as well.
Well said, John Donaldson. There's a lot of naivete out there about the capabilities and motives of Google and their ilk. Voluntary surveillance--a contemporary disease.
This 'new and improved' version of ITA Software is less user-friendly than the original. I don't see evidence of 'faster, more flexible, and more useful results.' I'm happy sticking with ITA Software interface; it's much more helpful to me.

Also, has Google tested this out on an iPad? It's almost un-usable!
This has a long way to go but as you say its a early look.
Like Brian said, I too have tested it out on several flights that I know
are there in real life, but, Gaagle says there is no service... With
that in mind, there's no Google either !!!
Doesn't work very well, no Delta flights and no international connections.
I'm located at the Delta hub in ATL, no Delta flights are listed.
Also no international connections, not even Europe.
Haven't tried it yet, will feed back.
No choice of coach, business or first class. They assume everyone only wants coach.
I'm in Darkest Africa. Does this work there?
chalet 0
Another dog thing, bye bye Google, try something else
As we all know, Google has lot's of cash, enough cash to make Flightaware to sit up an pay attention to a sales pitch...
Oh, no!!!!
Please don't cave to Google. Flight-Aware is great without being interfered-with by the likes of Google.
And Microsoft
Says South African airports not available. Blah!
The first few trips I tried showed zero results. So far I'd rank this as completely worthless.
It sucks!!!


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