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Qantas grounds all flights

Qantas has locked out international pilots, baggage handlers and engineers, essentially bringing its operations to a halt. It has grounded all its entire domestic and international fleets indefinitely from 5pm AEDT. The airline announced minutes ago it was locking out all members covered by the industrial agreements currently being negotiated with the Australian Licenced Engineers Union (ALAEA), the Transport Workers Union (TWU) and the Australian and International Pilots Union (AIPA). ( 기타...

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WTF, mate?

Back to work!
Hi, I work for a newspaper. Any idea how I could get hold of details for where all the Qantas planes are grounded? We want to create a map.
Matt, you can view cancelled flights at and
Matt, Full list available @
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extreme measures maybe, but they have bills to pay for, and none of them will be paid, if the planes are not flying. cant fly planes that are not maintained, cant fly planes witout ramp services, etc. we all know that, what in the hell is a company suppose to do when this is happening constantly??
I said in an earlier post that a private company had to make money to stay in business. The unions can run to the government and whine but unless the Government nationalizes the Airline and just keeps the $ running, the company teat will run dry and then there will be no jobs at all. That is the typical way things go when a union turns maverick and quits worrying about the real needs of its members, or members that lose sight of the fact that they work for the airline and not the union.
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Yes. Eastern Airlines comes to mind . . . .
Yeah, we saw it with Eastern, and getting awy from the Airlines, we saw it with the Rock Island Railroad, and as David says here below, American is dealing with some of these same issue here, although, I have to kinda side with the employess in the American deal as a big part of that problem IS management.
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The Australian travelling public have had enough. The actions of Qantas management and all of the unions involved are reprehensible. It is now time for the Federal Government to take some firm action. Ordinary Australians are sick of being held to ransom!
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I can't say I blame him...I would prefer not to be a passenger with a captain explaining to me why he is pissed off with mid-flight announcements. This is magnified by recent "mechanical issues" in the press.

Given the there were three industrial actions going on simultaneously, the unions had the ability to ensure the company was sustaining maximum losses and inconvenienced the most travelers by targeting specific flights and aircraft while still having most of their members feed at the company teat.

Unless the government intervenes (it is Labour and will do so when the unions whine), expect Qantas to begin replacing its domestic routes by expanding their smaller entities to compete with Virgin and withdraw from many international markets that lose money anyway. They are competing with Cathay, Malaysian, Thai and Singapore, all with lower costs while Delta, United, Virgin and even Air Canada lurk.

bighugh above expresses why they will not get most of that business back anyway.
Sorry, didn't realize this headline was already posted by somebody. Different link. This seems like extreme measures by Qantas.
The problem is a company trying to stay in the black finacially during this economic downturn, but unions that are still pushing for increases. American is dealing with the same issues right now.
It was on the news that they going back to work. Sorry.
According to Wingscrubber's link, they are.


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