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737 ingests American flag and pole at Ocala, FL OCF

The original better quality video stops just short of ingestion.The second video shows the flag and pole going in just before it ends. This was an Honor Flight returning home from a day at Washington, DC. Pilot sticks flag and pole out of cockpit window, then drops it on the tarmac. Instead of stopping, they move forward and suck the flag and pole up off of the ground. ( 기타...

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N742MA is the tail number
A picture of the aircraft being worked on the next day is here:
Hahaha what an idiot!
It's very difficult to spot this in the video.
I was lucky to get the video at all but happy to share what I have. My friend shot the first part of the video but was so overwhelmed by the flag hitting the ground that he stopped shooting just before it was sucked in the engine. His daughter was nearby and took the second video of lesser quality but she did get it being ingested a second before her view was obscured by the pole.
What's he doing dropping the flag on the tarmac anyhow? Any 8 year old Cub Scout knows it's disrespectful to let the flag touch the ground. I hope it was an accident.
pfp217 0
I would rather imagine he didn't "drop" the flag. It was an accident. Any 8 year old Cub Scout could probably figure that out.
Most assuredly this was an unfortunate and costly accident. The pilot appears to have lost his / her grip when trying to bring it back inside the window. The bigger faux pas was failure to stop the aircraft in time.
Expensive accident
What an IDIOT PILOT!!! Moron! He should have stopped and went to cutoff on the left engine.
99NY 0
Fail. Better the flag than the kid I guess.
"Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light....."
ggrgrgrgrgrgrgrg (grinding sound)......doh!!!
so the pilot was holding a flag, steering the plane with the tiller and adding power to make a turn........well though out plan!!!
I have to say I'm a bit surprised at the comments here. It was an accident. Give the pilot a break. In a choice between losing control of the flag or the aircraft, best to lose the flag. This should be taken for what it is: an accident.
you know everyone on here is perfect.....they would never:drop a flag, sing the wrong words to the national athem, always make the perfect touch down pass or caught it, make a bad landing,or fly blindly into bad weather.
@tim: don't forget walk on water!
Victor, in all seriousness, I was an accident to be sure; there was no disrespect intended.
OOPS! Should have washed the butter off my fingers first.
chalet 0
When the headline or the content of a news report do not live up to the headline it is called LOUSY JOURNALISM and if it was posted by a blogger, lousy bloggerism (LOL!!!)
When the headline does not live up to the headline!? Scratching my head.... Anyhow, headlines are about grabbing peoples attention. Plain and simple.


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