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NTSB Orders Pinnacle Airlines Turn Over Emails On Pilots In The Colgan Air Crash

In 2009, a Colgan Air Bombardier operating as Continental Connection crashed on an instrument approach to Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Buffalo, New York all 47 people onboard were killed. The NTSB investigated the crash and had issued its report. The investigation was a lengthy process which included testimony ( 기타...

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sparkie624 0
This incident happened well before Pinnacle took over Colgan. The Colgan family has nothing to do with Pinnacle.
True, but when you buy a company you buy its assets AND liabilities.
j. s. 0
Hate to say it folks, but I flew with this guy as a captain when he flew for Gulfstream International in FL as a First Officer. Let's just put it this way, it doesn't surprise me one bit that there were people in management that were concerned about his ability. I can tell you from first hand personal experience that there is no way on God's green earth that I would have ever turned the keys of a Dash-8 over to this captain. I hate to say this because the loss of life was tragic, and a dead man can not defend himself, but the facts are the facts, he had no business being in his position. Period!
jim fonner 0
Be careful what you post or you my find youself on the stand defending your comments and being questioned about the captains skills...yes there are too many cookie cutter ATPs out there that dont really know how to fly or have the experience to do so in some conditions. As far as Carl W. post this aircraft is very tame to fly and is built for icing conditions if you follow the POH...and your training. Problem is this aircraft is so good to fly you become complacint and forget your basic training if if you dont attach yourself to the A/C and shutoff the automation and fly it once in awhile. Also if Colgan had a hand in the interviews (knowing their process and philosophy) these two would have been based in IAH for awhile on a Saab to gain experience before being brought to the Northeast.
skylab72 0
It is sad when an ATP surpasses the Peter Principle, and all the more so, when it costs so many lives. That said, would also assert the dash8 has no business being scheduled into icy conditions period. It is a scary handfull for a good pilot, and will kill even he, if he looses focus.
jim fonner 0
Pinnacle had a hand in the hiring and training of these pilots, even though they had not aquired Colgan at that time.

It depends on whether Pinnacle bought the stock or just bought the assets. I dont know the answer to that but by far most acquisitions and particularly those of smaller companies are asset purchases - the buyers do not buy liabilities.
Pinnacle bought Colgan Airlines in January, 2007 and the crash was in February 2009. The Dash-8 Q400s were purchased in 2008. Supervisors at Colgan were questioning the pilot's competence about 5 months before the crash. Just wondering if the disaster claims are covered by Insurance, in which case the Insurance companies my be calling the shots. Also wondering those suing Colgan get at the assets if any of the parent company, Pinnacle? Most of the airlines are in pretty fragile financial condition though. I don't think Pinnacle is any exception. Their stock is at $2.36 a share today.


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