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Lion Air today will sign a commitment for the airline to order 201 737 MAXs and 29 Next-Generation 737-900 ERs

BALI, Indonesia, Nov. 17, 2011 – Boeing [NYSE: BA] confirms that Jakarta-based Lion Air today will sign a commitment for the airline to order 201 737 MAXs and 29 Next-Generation 737-900 ERs (extended range). The agreement also includes purchase rights for an additional 150 airplanes. With 230 airplanes at a list price of $21.7 billion, this deal when finalized will be the largest commercial airplane order ever in Boeing’s history by both dollar volume and total number of airplanes. U.S… ( 기타...

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Addendum, options if taken could be up to 380 total. Double WOW.

its the 737MAX and some 737-700ERs.
oops cant edit, but mistyped its 900ERs not 700.
Another article on the subject....basically the same info.
canuck44 0
Obviously Boeing will have to open another one or two production lines...Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama...
This is something!
Bogush 0
christmas shopping spree
or maybe Boeing had some black Friday deals...
And OBAMA is over there at the signing and will take credit for the whole damn thing, trying to make the American people believe that a 21 billion dollar order came together in the week that he has been there. Sorry @#$%^&*.
Ijust wonder how he is going to reconcile the previous order this week and this one with his whacked out NLRB puppetts, knowing that as John says above, there will have to be extra production lines opened somewhere; in the South or offshore because of the NLRB; damn good for jobs!!!!!!!!!
Bogush 0
well he did get the Nobel prize for something , can't remember what for ?? He truly is the invisible man of vision
Right to Work states should land these non Obama related jobs. Oh I mean't non NRLB related jobs. The credit for this order I'm sure goes to the hard work that Boeing did to convince Lion Air that they have a better product!
chalet 0
Is any of you fully convinced that this monster order will be totally completed. Not me. Just take a look at theirwroute structure, it is 90% domestic and the rates are 50-60% of those in the U.S. This "order" will face the same feat of that other monster orders from American 230 Boeing 737s of various sub-types and another 230 Airbues 320s of various marks. Mark my words: much a do about only a few new aircraft.
One thing about it my friend, the truth will be told when it comes time to plunk down earnest money to make these firm orders.


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