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Helicopter Hits Wire. Caught on tape.

A helicopter installing a Christmas tree on Auckland's waterfront on Wednesday morning crashes in dramatic fashion, incredibly the pilot escapes serious injury. ( 기타...

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I wonder if he's going to get violated.
Very cool footage! You don't get to see the evolution of an accident like that from this close very often!
Shoulda used a crane.
Not good... Didn't look like anyone got hurt, but I bet the Pilot got a joint or 2 twisted around.
unbelievable they even tried a stunt like that. it seemed almost inevitable that would happen
Glad no one was hurt, but did you see the look on that guy's face?
I hope he was wearing brown trousers
Klemons 0
Glad the pilot made it out safely.
Wow, Just Wow
amazing is a gross understatement an i do agree a crane would have been the safest way to and i am surprised nobody got hurt
Yep should have used a crane a lot eesier
They showed a close up of this footage on the news the other night. If you view it in full screen, in the instant before contact, you can see the guy directly under the helicopter pull the running cable taut which moves it into the path of the main rotor.

I believe the cable was caught on a skid and the guy below was trying to clear it. I live in NZ and its been shown here a million times although not comments from the CAA as yet. The guy under all the action was a very lucky boy!!
Fenelon 0
I knew that Kiwis couldnt fly!
I'm very, very surprised that this pilot was so willing to fly in such close proximity to free-wheeling steel cables, let alone any form of possible rotor intrusion. That the guy on the ground attempted to pull that cable away immediately prior to the crash indicated [to me] what appeared to be an unnecessarily dangerous flying maneuver with not too much apparent consideration for safety. Was it not possible for the pilot to position the helicopter higher in order to avoid these mad risks that growing numbers of helicopter pilots seem so willing to take, especially if there's a watching crowd!
Hope he loses his licence permanently. Also hope the insurance class it as negligence and refuse to pay out. Will teach the owner to not use incompetent pilots who endanger other people.
My thanks to Joe ugulano for putting that link up, that was alot better
Bad judgement
The final decision is always the pilots. (The Good The Bad and The Ugly)
It would appear many safety parameters were breached on this project. The obvious being the location with associated obstructions as well as the pilot does not appear to be wearing a helmet or shoulder harness. He appears to be almost "thrown" out of seat as helicopter rotates and self destructs.......ALL FOR A CHRISTMAS TREE.......
Amazing footage, but amazingly crazy to even attempt to maneuver so closely to so many obstructions.
Yeah, incredibly unsafe area to operate a helicopter in. Reminds me of the stories my dad used to tell of being in a rescue chopper getting climbers off the cliffs in Kings Canyon N.P. back in the early 60's. Very scary to operate so close to a solid object.
I have been dangling off the end of a 150' cable out of an HH-43 about 50' down inside Sabino Canyon North of Tuscon to get a hiker into a stokes. We had about 10' rotor clearance inside. Any other pilot than the one we had, I'd have stayed home. Either way, it ain't no fun.
Glad there were no crewmen on-board...they may not have beeen as fortunate as the pilot.
I wonder if they will use a helicopter to lift the other helicopter out?
I watched the video on CNN and was amazed that no one was seriously hurt or killed. Key question was why was such a risky maneuver attempted with so many things around (crane, building, wires, etc.)?
That's just crazy!
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where do you see the video? Thanks
TTail 0
the video i saw, it looked like he wasnt that far above the ground, and when he went down, one of those cables kinda slowed him up, so he hit pretty hard, but not hard enough to kill him.

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Thanks much! Talk about a stupid mistake!
WOW I mean in just a blink of an eye! Whew glad the pilot is ok but I'm sure he has a bruise or two from the fall.
Plumb stupid! What was he thinking?
In the Nam I used to routinely have to cut branches in a hover down lz in I corp for emergency extractions. Blades cut wood pretty good, steel cables not so good !
I think my first conclusion was in error in terms of what the video most saw with appears to be a tower and buildings in the background. I found a different camera video angle that shows the clearance. He must have hit some guy wires to the tower and there was what appears to be plenty of room.
They showed this the other night on the news. If you view it in full screen, you can see the guy in black directly under the helicopter pull the running cable taut which causes the contact with the main rotor.
Wow! This must be a helicopter pilot's worst nightmare. Interesting to hear the rapid deceleration noises. Thankfully no serious injuries.
Glad there were no crewmen on board...they might not have been as fortunate as the pilot.
@ Wayne Bookout --

Forgive me for being off-topic; there are some great, great photos of Fokker DR-1s in the photo gallery this week. I think I'm not mistaken in saying von Richtoven said they "climb like monkies."
Ese piloto a salvado la vida por casualidad. Debería prohibirse bajar con tan poco margen.
should have used Santa's sleigh
I don't know anything about helicopters, but there didn't seem to be any concern about fire.
No concern because it didn't catch fire. Believe me they will. Seen lot of them crash and burn. Jp4 is jp4.
No concern because it didn't catch fire.

That's my point. I would have been worried that a fire could erupt. Spilled fuel, blade sparking on the pavement? electrical spark?
I'm just wondering why someone didn't grab a fire extinguisher.
Jp4 is aviation fuel I assume.
Jp4 is fuel. Also, the fuel tank probably did not rupture.


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