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Flight Inspection work in Montreal

Some great shots of some flight inspection work performed by one of Nav Canada's CRJ200's at YUL (Montreal). In addition to verification and calibration of conventional nav-aides (ILS, VOR, DME, etc..), these crews also verify GNSS approach designs, communications and surveillance systems used by the air navigation system in Canada. ( 기타...

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Very nice Tristan. I have a pic of - if memory serves me well here - their Dash 8.
I think I saw the same plane (or its twin) at YBR when our new ILS came online. Took me awhile to figure out what it was doing (I'm not a qualified pilot) but once I did, it was fun watching it. I envy the pilots their skills, but I've just recently been diagnosed diabetic, so there go my flying aspirations.


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