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Air Canada B777-200LR Polar Route - Video (9:58)

Captivating video from JustPlanes (youtube), produced by Michel Moskal. Released Dec. 2011. ( 기타...

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Well done Air Canada for giving us this insight to your day to day life.
You flew a polar route on a flight between singapore and Hong Kong? Not sarcastic, just confused...
No, He was flying to singapore from connecting in hong kong.
No, He was flying to singapore connecting in hong kong.
Got it. Thanks
Did this route. Long, but some very interesting scenery. last couple of hours you are just itching to get off!
They did this route in summer? Daylight 24/7...what a boring flight, I would be getting ansi in the cockpit just too long of piloting an airplane.
Just as long as you don't get ascii in the cockpit... :-)
ric lang 0
looking at stuff like this, i wish I had the guts to have stuck it out when I started this aviating stuff...was in Eastern';s FE school in miami 1966, but couldn';t hack the lack of money since I was married with 2 kids,,,,,,looking back, I wish I did it
I have always wondered what a trans polar flight was like and of course China fascinates me.
However if you would like to see a really beautiful scenery film, go on You Tube and enter Vangelis Himalaya. It's 10 minutes 35 seconds' long but you won't regret it. You are flying through the Himalayas. It is truly goregeous...
This was a great Air Canada video and very interesting. Loved every min of the video.
Hats off to Air Canada..
Very Enjoyable.
as an ex-flight attendant it is great to see something so fantastic from my own livingroom!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
I've done a lot of polar routes, all of them in the USAF. You are correct, lots and lots of nothing up there, unless the aurora is acting up, then it can be pretty interesting.
Sorry guy's, yes it we started in ord via hkg via sin. It was my first international flight and it did stay light the whole way, very strange. It was just as strange was coming home I took off on friday morning at 0630 and stoped in nrt then went back to ord and landed friday at 1400 and after we left nrt I watched the sun set.
they still do it year round and i went in september
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WOW. That's a great video! Thank for sharing it.
Did a similar flight last year from YYZ to PEK on an ACA B777-200LR. Great flight, great crew and a great airplane. Far more interesting view from the window than thousands of miles of open ocean. By air it has to be the best ride to the other side. Well done Air Canada and JustPlanes. HB
I did a flight like this once. It was on UA with the 744 to sin via hkg. Like they said theres not much to look at once you go up that far. I did see a big ice crack that looked to be maybe a mile or two wide. Kinda weird. 15hrs is still long time in a plane no matter what size it is.
Wow, may I sugest more operational control/ instruments explaination really liked the video
Great Video....thanks Just Planes and Air Canada!
When I was a kid i dreamed of becoming a pilot. Unfortunately, I ended up sitting at a desk. After seeing this video, I wish I had followed my idea as a kid and I would have been a pilot and I sure like hell would have liked to fly that route.
Awesome video! Retired airline caterer here, loved the galley and service center center shots. Thank You!
That was a beautiful flight, thanks to the crew
A "polar" route was taken from Detroit to Hong Kong last November. I believe that the flight went fairly close to magnetic north. I began feeling bad after arriving in HKG that was later determined to be related to an ICD [defibrillator] program being washed and the device being reset to factory delivered condition. The manufacturer said that it was nearly impossible that the flight over the magnetic north would affect the device at 5 to 7 seven miles up. What happens to the instruments in the plane when flying in this area?
I have flown ACA from YVR to PEK four times and YVR to PVG only one time. Happy they changed to the 777 recently. Great flights and the crews are great too. There really is a reason for ACA being the best North American airline. Great video too, could have watched a much longer one.
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Very cool video!!! Thanks for sharing.
A very nice promotional video for Air Canada and they deserve it.
WoW!! this was very enjoyable and very interesting Video.
Well done guys.


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