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EASA: New cracks on 20 A380s ‘more significant’

By Linda Blachly | January 23, 2012 0 The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued an Airworthiness Directive (AD) Friday on 20 Airbus A380 after new cracks were found in wing brackets last week (ATW Daily News, Jan. 20). EASA said in the AD that the “new form of rib foot cracking [Type 2 cracks], originating from the forward and aft edges of the vertical web of the rib feet “is more significant than the original rib foot hole cracking. It has been determined that the Type 2 cracks may… ( 기타...

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Airbus CRACKED, I am NOT surprised!
i am also not surprised about the carcks with the airbus A380 look how many are flying
Anyone stupid enough to fly this broken arrow is really rolling the dice. It is simply a matter of when one goes down taking 500+ souls with it but I'm sure the cause will be assigned to something else. Simply Too Big.!
It's rather discomforting to think that the crash of one aircraft could now potentially rival Tenerife as the dealiest air disaster ever (not including 9/11).
Airbus, Airbus, Airbus! I would not fly this craft anymore. They say its not a safety concern but thats just a cover up. Its inside the wing!! Poor Airbus, i dont feel bad for them. Stick with the B747-8I peeps.
I still believe the A380 is a beautiful aircraft and will prove to have longevity. Not a historian, but didn't similar large aircraft go through an initial period of safety concerns- i.e. the DC-10 and early 747's during their first years of operation? No amount of testing is going to hold up to actual day-to-day operations.
Unless I have missed something in this whole thing, the original find on these cracks was on the Qantas 380 being repaired after the engine blowout, where they had some disassembly. Had that not happened, unless I am mistaken, they wouldn't have been found/seen until later down the line at an inspection.
I believe that Singapore Airlines had discovered some cracks during routine two-year inspections. I believe this is why there is oversight, to try and make sure that an object is engineered to prevent failure, or upon discovery, it is not covered up.
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And here we all stand at the crossroads. Airbus will for lack of other option cry "its only minor" while the world wonders. Part of me wants to talk to somebody in the know when the 747 was in its infancy and the teething problems it had.

Either way, Airbus' PR camp is in for a hell of a ride. We can only hope it really is a minor thing....
I did a little searching. Not to say cracks in the wings of the A380 are not serious, but i think - as always is the case here on FA - people jump on the "hate Airbus" band-wagon. Do a little research and you will see that Boeing has had many a problem with their aircraft as well.
Really, there's a reason a version of the B747 lives on , even if its tail tanks have issues. Another good sign for Boeing and no way to spin this well, Thank-god.
Cancellations rising..........
Oh I forgot...


I dont care how big the first suites are
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The FAA will fix the problem. Instead of telling the pilots to not use so much rudder like on the A300's they will tell the pilots to not use to much wing on the 380's.
Not to use too much wing ... LOL. That really, um, cracks me up! ;o
That's a good one. Almost spit out my coffee here at work when I read that.
Not good to have cracks in wings when you have computer/autopilot that has a "dive, dive" program.
I think when one of these monstrosities sheds a wing in-flight, more people will take it seriously.
Just out of idle curosity, I wonder if these or something similar have shown up on any other AB model. Remembering the SWA Boeing 737 that had the fuselage rip in Arizona, that particular problem was years before Beoings predictions, which were based on their tests.


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