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Whatever Happened to First Class?

AS a longtime veteran of the coach cabin and all the horrors therein — the battles for overhead space, the wheelie-bag traffic jams, the knee-numbing legroom — one can only imagine my thrill when I boarded a recent American Airlines flight from San Jose, Calif., to Dallas. There I was, after all, in the first row. My seat was wide, the armrest was enormous, and the guys behind me were talking, businessman-style, about real estate and golf, bankruptcies and bogies. This was the high life, I… ( 기타...

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I not only read this article but read comments in the New York time. My take, a politically independent, that those commplaining are of Republican vein and those disagreening likely are Democratic beleifs. Seems like I have heard from Republicans that they want less governement. Well, deregulation of airlines was a get your nose out of my business and let me do my own thing. Be careful what you wish for in the future or you just might get it.
Those of us that flew in the heyday of commercial air travel can treasure the flights we had both in first first class and coach. The crew was the best and the amenities were always classy and served in the most professional manner. Contrary to current whiners the prices were in accordance with your means as opposed to today when everyone thinks it iis their right to fly even if they can't afford it.

I now feel like I'm getting on an airbourne Greyhound bus when I flywith out the luxury of the below seating area baggage storage a Greyhound offers.

Bring back the Caravelle where all service was first class.
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I thought Greyhound WAS 1st class!
Plane passengers, regardless of bought and sought privileges that exceed, meet or fail expectations of comfort and leisure, are all in it together, being encased in a giant bullet streaking across the sub stratosphere. Aside from acts of sabotage and security infringements, flying has never been safer since civil aviation began. The prestige passenger could do well to remember this notable oft-forgotten feat the next time they are disappointed by not being offered Champagne, Flowers and a Double Bed. Getting to my destination in less than respectable modern-day prestige and First Class tired, irritable and discomfited but whole in body remains preferable to the intrusions of safety considerations that well-heeled passengers faced during the halcyon days of the “Golden Age of First Class.” Mr McKinley laments the decline of First Class among US carriers only; Asian-Pacific and Gulf airlines continue to proudly offer unsurpassed service and comforts in their prestige cabins.


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