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FlightAware Updated Software? My planes are moving!

This must be something new because the planes never moved across the screen before. No I haven't been hitting the sauce, yet! lol But I sat down to check activity at KMSP and I'm watching the plane icons moving in almost real time. Did I miss an story about Flightaware updating its software? either way I think it's really cool. Nice job Flightaware! :) ( 기타...

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You caught a secret glimpse at a very exciting new feature. We're currently only testing it intermittently on airport pages, but you should see it everywhere in the next week or so. Official announcement to come.
Wow... I think my day may be over. I married up ATC live audio with the new tracker at MSP on a large screen and I'm glued. TERRIBLY GREAT feature. Thanks a lot!
ericjames did you "marry up" to live ATC?
Eric James, I use my police/air scanner to listen to the air traffic, and in my area (SAN),I can go to and pick ANY place they have on-line. It was great during Oshkosh, It was like being there! Good luck.
Did the same thing during Oshkosh. Very cool. Will be even better this year with these almost live tracks.
ericjames it. Thank you.
Pretty embarrassed to admit it, but I have my ipad going with ATC Live and my desktop has FlightAware on it. A little goofy but it works. The tracks are a little behind, but not much.

I have so much technology going on right now, I feel like I should probably go out to the airfield to change the oil this afternoon and get some grease on me.
While at work I have itunes playing music at a low volume, LiveATC KMSP tower at a high volume (both audio sources through headphones), and the KMSP map up in the corner of my screen. I think I get about 2 hours of real solid work done. Just wish I could monitor one tower frequency instead of having it alternate between two.
While at work I have itunes playing music at a low volume, LiveATC KMSP tower at a high volume (both audio sources through headphones), and the KMSP map up in the corner of my screen. I think I get about 2 hours of real solid work done. Just wish I could monitor one tower frequency instead of having it alternate between two.
To add to my last comment; it will now be easier to match up the jets flying over my office with the FlightAware map. So excited!
Thats really cool Scott. My next purchase will be a scanner! :)
David - Do you intend to only operate it like the present demonstration where only the in-bound and out-bound aircraft are moving, but not those bound to/from other airports?
s2v8377 1
The only thing cooler than FlightAware's new software with moving planes is sitting at a radar scope in an FAA facility!!! Super cool for the JFK page!!! I feel like I'm at NY TRACON or CENTER.
If ya'll would just fix the COMMENTS it would all be good. When a new comment is posted and you get an Email alert on it, you don't know if it will be at the top or the bottom of the comment string; a reply to someone can be anywhere, and unrelated, but about half of the profile links are blank, as in grayed out, not left blank by the User. This all started last week when ya'll either had serious trouble or sombody's better idea went haywire.
Just sent you an email regarding both those issues.
Cool! Another time waster for me!
zennermd 3
It is a time well wasted.
Bad timing. Reviews are coming up soon.
Years ago while getting my licenses, my wife used to wonder why I wanted to go out and listen and watch the aircraft land and TO, This is just awesome, the internet has so much to offer us old old pilots,
Thanks so much, and keep up the great work, your FlightAware is greatly appreciated.
I'm a bad writer sorry,Jeffery, You're right, it is a lot of fun following planes now on I followed planes into KSTP, KFCM & KMSP today. I live a mile from KANE. A few year ago there was another service like flightaware that you could follow flights on you computer screen, but the cost was $30 to $40 for 3 months plus you're on a timer, so many minutes per day you could follow them. You're right nice job Flightaware
lol...your a great writer! and isn't fun just to watch the plane icons moving? I have a scanner on the way by mail and I can't wait to match up the screen to ATF Mpls/St Paul International. That should be fun! Because were I live here in Eagan Minnesota the planes are always flying over my house. It will be cool to match up the engine sound with the flight.
Great job, flightaware! Love your site. I follow both of my sons' flights as often as possible. Thanks.
Lynn Adams, I looked at KMEM this evening and was happy to see FEDEX,UPS+more arriving! Here in SAN, we get the "box cars" around 4-5pm, then depart about 7-9pm! You can't say there's nothing to see if you know where to look,right? Look at PANC late at night.
I have to admit, that is such a cool feature. Really brings the traffic to life. Maybe its just because I am an aviation geek, but I still enjoy it!
This could get I just sit here watching the little icons move on my screen. Then my wife slapped me up side my head (J/K) Seriously, GREAT JOB FLIGHTAWARE!!!!! I Love this!
The aircraft on my FlightAware mobile app are not moving. How do I resolve this?
I didn't see anything about it but after looking this morning, it appears that AC are moving in the terminal zones. They don't appear to be real time moving in between terminal. I watched 6 FedEx launch out of KMEM a few ago. Missed a bunch already and there probably will be more. Years ago it was 2-4. Now it's still heavy in the nighttime but it's all nite and most of the day.They launch 15/20 empties every nite just to cover mx problems or hand extra freight.
Will have to check it out.
Love it!! Flight Tracker is amazing. It allows an individual to do so much. Thanks and keep it up.
Are the aircraft positions still delayed by 5 min? Or is this the current live location?
Varies by coverage area. Realtime where we can, up to 5 minute delayed where we have to.
AWSOME! Just checked out IAH and WOW COOL. Handier than a hat for your head
Not Working for me :+( Dont know whats wrong with it. Dissapointed. Tried Both IAH MSP and JFK to no avail. I cant interact with the map like I use to as well. The map is just like a picture no movement not even the old delayed update. Nay Ideas?
What browser are you using? Are you on the HTTP or HTTPS? (ie. does the site begin with http:// or https://)
No my 11 yo daughter was messing with the computer alls well now. I just got fruastrated cause I felt left out. Sorry guys
Still working for me using IE 9.
I've never had a problem with Flightaware and the 'moving' aircraft on my system.
I take that back...the "plane" icons...don't actually move...their icons just update their position every 30 seconds or so. I don't know if that's the way it's supposed to be or not, but that is the way it's always been for me...but I'm not complaining!
I noticed the planes moving last night at ksan,and thought it snowing was causing a problem with the internet? It's almost like being at ATC!
The only problem I have with it is that it zooms in really close to the airport and that the airplanes don't face the direction they are flying until they get close to the airport.
Also at KPHX. Very nice.
KBDL works well.
I truly love this new feature! it even works on my Windows phone and It's great because I work very close to MSP International Airport. Can't wait to track my own flight out of here to a warmer, sunny golf course! Watching it "Live" of course!
It probably won't be live, because of federal regulations and security. It will probably be delayed 5 to 15 minutes.
lol..I know Sparkie, about 5 minutes delayed. But at least the plane icons move now and I'm not just looking at a static screen.
Yeah it is a cool new feature. However, I think that the planes move at the same rate and the data tags do not move. It's mainly for show or a 'guesstimate'. I think it is a cool update though.
There's no guessing, the planes move toward their next position as we recieve them. Different planes will move at different rates if they have different groundspeeds.
Mark, does that mean that if a plane gets an assigned heading from an approach controller, they will look like they're flying that heading? Please fill me in if you know because I'm clueless.
The website will show the actual course they're flying based on the positions received. The positions are 0 to 5 minutes delayed depending on source restrictions.
dear flightaware....this new software is great----what are the markers attached to each aircraft symbol though? Or are all these new features going to be explained in the near future?
Thanks for the great new features, even if they aren't understood right now!
The planes are moving in almost real time but their location is about 5 min old. Example: TRS739 was about 30mi out inbound to KMSP on the FlightAware map when on LiveATC they were already switching to ground. Really wish the map matched up better with LiveATC. But then I take a step back and look at the big picture and shouldn't be complaing.
This is a known issue, the data we receive from the FAA is delayed 5 minutes. We have ADS-B receivers in some cities (and a lot more to come), which enables us to show real-time positions in those cities. For example, take a look at IAH and you'll see the difference.
Gotcha. I'm thinking about getting a USB ADS-B receiver since I'm only 10mi from KMSP.
On a few of the planes I've noticed orientation is pointed north. Is this a default orientation when the orientation is not known? Wouldn't it be better to use the orientation of the most current trail? Seems weird to see a trail headed southeasterly with a north pointing plant at the end.
Just one thing to point out, there is definitely a delay, as planes which were just cleared to contact ground on LiveATC appear to still be about 5 miles from the airport on FA (at JFK anyways). This is a very cool feature though, will this use the ADS-B tracking technology that airlines are starting to implement (sites like use this already but it doesn't show planes without ADS-B)
We do have ADS-B receivers for some airports (eg. IAH) and we are expanding our ADS-B coverage rapidly. Eventually we'll the best of both worlds: ADS-B and FAA data.
I think the delay is a stupid idea. Even different trackers use different delays. I now us ATC when I am tracking friends and family traveling. When your suppose to pick them up at the airport, it rather confusing. As I am getting a text they are at the curb, and flight trackers shows them thousands of feet in the air.
I not sure the delay provides any useful purpose. I guess someone feels it does.
I must not have had enough to drink...
I have used flight aware for a long time and love it. Now I also use Wolfram which shows overhead traffic on my i phone.
This new feature is a very welcome development by Flightaware. Being based in Europe (Manchester, UK), I do predominantly use flightradar24 for non-US coverage. In regions including Europe, the UAE and Australasia, most larger commercial aircraft do show up on FR24 due to equipment carried. However, most of the US domestic fleet does not show (transatlantic regulars do) ... I presume this is attributable to ADS-B deployment? Flightaware coverage is excellent; I would just like to see aircraft identity (registration) displayed as on FR24. Flightaware does have access to this data, as you can find which aircraft operated a service retrospectively by checking through the relevant fleet in order until you find the right one. But there must be an easier way! It would be great to see the reg included on the main data page for each flight. Anyway, sincere thanks to those who provide the great service on flightaware. Best regards from Manchester, England [EGCC / MAN]. shows.
Bob Lee 1
Really fun..I an a weirdo who follows the plane across the Atlantic on my screen instead of watching a movie!
Went to the States (Nashville) one and only time 5 years ago from UK and, like you, watched the "satnav" and followed the flightpath across Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, canada and the States. Totally mesmerising!
I think it's awesome. Great Job, and thanks.
Wow. Outstanding. Thanks
That's cool. One of my favorites is Memphis on a week night watching the parade of FedEx planes. Listening to ATC live adds to it.
Are these planes %99 accurate??
s2v8377 1
The only thing cooler than FlightAware's new software with moving planes is sitting at a radar scope in an FAA facility!!! Super cool for the JFK page!!! I feel like I'm at NY TRACON or CENTER.
Nice job. Very well done. Continue doing what you are doing and always strive to make it better.
FLIGHTAWARE,PLEASE put these posts in order! I agree 100% with Wayne,I have to look at all the posts times two see who posted what-when??
Hey, all you guys in the US are making me very jealous. I'm in the Uk and NOT technically minded at all but Jeff Babey's post got me more interested. I HAVE used Flightaware to track flights from the UK into the USA (family trips to Florida etc). BUT I have often looked up at the vapour trails and wondered .. where is he going?? You all have got me more interested in scanners etc, etc , etc....
I'm outta Atlanta watchig KATL and it is mesmorizing. It seems to be about 5 min delayed as my office is in line with the new 5th runway and I hear them taking off.
Will this update bring back the info from the original FlightTracker with airspeed, elevation, etc?
Elevation? Get off the ground! ALTITUDE!
I recently received my Uniden scanner so now I can sit outside watching the "real" planes in the sky, listening to Minneapolis Central and tracking the "moving" flights on my cellphone. Wish I would have had this as a kid!
Holy Cow are my planes moving tonight! Everything is so sharp and almost in real time. There had to be a new update here recently. Excellent job Flightaware! :)
I just posted a suggestion of adding live ATC to the map, that would beat watching the Bachelor on Monday nights...
AWAAlum 1
Although, so would watching the paint dry.
I'd watch live ATC on here any day but FAA denies that..
Flightaware! WINNING!
Geez, i did not know that Charlie Sheen was an FA member, lol:P
Great stuff!! I presume there is still a 5 min. lag to realtime? jim
Just read Steve's post. He answered my question. j

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That is neat to watch. I just saw AWE110 and UPS3222 maneuver to avoid crossing paths some 10 miles south of IAD.
This flightradar24 site doesnt even come close to the functionality and service FlightAware offers...period. Sorry...they just arent near as on the ball and the site doesnt even seem to be dedicated to flight.
So flightradar24 relies on people using their own ADS-B receivers as the only source of data? ...and then there is advertising. I'll stick with flightaware.
flynryan 2
Flightradar is awesome, it's all live traffic. Would be cool to have that on Flightaware. They also display the squawk code and the aircraft reg.
The only thing(s) about Flightradar I'm not happy with are that most of the air traffic is only mostly European flights, and any flights that are from the US, (especially the West Coast of the US are So. California flights. Other than that....the flight info...are very informative
The reason only some flights show up on FR24 is that it uses ADS-B tracking which only some planes are equipped with. The main difference is that the ADS-B tracking is really live while FA's new system is a few minutes behind.
FlightAware actually has ADS-B receivers in a number of locations, and that live ADS-B data is combined with the 5-minute delayed FAA data, as well as other non-delayed airline data sources.
Flightradar24 sucks.
nsarshad 0
Google PASSUR Airport Monitor. It's not available for all airport, but quite a few larger ones. Tracks are delayed 15 minutes and you only get full aircraft identification info in replay mode.


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